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Dig stands for (Domain Information Groper) is a network administration command-line tool for querying Domain Name System (DNS) name servers. It is useful for verifying and troubleshooting DNS problems and also to perform DNS lookups and displays the answers that are returned from the…


Uzaktan algılama için analiz araçları ve veri bulunduran bir site.

Google Guava

Google tarafından geliştirilmiş bir java “collection” kütüphanesidir. Collection nesnelerini birleştirmek, parçalamak için fonksyonlara sahip sınıfları içerir.


NetCDF (Network Common Data Form) is a set of interfaces for array-oriented data access and a freely distributed collection of data access libraries for C, Fortran, C++, Java, and other languages. The netCDF libraries support a machine-independent format for representing scientific data. Together, the interfaces, libraries, and…

Wedge Model

The Wedge Model™ is a derivative of the well-known Vee Model (Rook, 1986). The Wedge Model™ shows the products of design on the left-hand side of the wedge, and system integration on the right-hand side, with verification (is the work product correct with respect to the…


GraphQL is a query language for fulfilling  queries with  existing data.

Rabbit MQ

RabbitMQ is a message broker: it accepts and forwards messages.   Referans:


VERBİS-Veri Sorumluları Sicil Bilgi Sistemi Veri sorumluları bu sisteme kayıt yaptırmak zorundadır.

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