Back in 2005, as a Fulbright FLTA grantee I was involved in a number of TTFL materials design processes since I taught Turkish Language and Culture courses to American undergraduate and graduate students in PA.

Here you can find:

  • some of the training seminar materials I used with outgoing FLTA’s, and
  • course materials I prepared and/or used while teaching Turkish in the USA. Citing the source/this web page, please feel free to use and adapt them to your unique teaching situations.

Guiding documents for TFL professionals from AATT– American Association of Teachers of Turkic Languages:


A flash presentation on Turkey (prepared by the Rotary Foundation). You will find this presentation as an invaluable resource when trying to raise student curiosity on Turkey and Turkish culture. I recommend you use it during your first class hour.

Who are the Turks? (The book by Justin McCarthy and Carolyn McCarthy). It is a great teacher resource when teaching “little-c” and “big-c” Turkish culture.

A simple needs analysis survey to familiarize the teacher to the background and expectations of the students.

Sample course outlines/syllabuses:

Course Syllabus for TURK 101

Course Syllabus for TURK 102

Below are some of the PPT presentations I prepared for teaching Turkish culture and language:

At a Turkish Restaurant

Teaching -Iyor

Ancient Anatolia (adapted from a presentation prepared by Bengu Taskesen)

Breakfast words



Greeting patterns in Turkish

Taking about Countries and Nationalities

A helpful verb conjugation program for students

Here is PPT I used during my “Understanding of Islam in Turkey” sessions as an invited speaker at university and a number of high schools.

Selection of class handouts:

Language Points ( Workbook)

The Turkish Alphabet (and the accompanying MP3 file)

Formulaic expressions

Turkish Endings (adapted from the website http://www.practicalturkish.com/turkish-case-suffixes.html)

Pronouns and family names (activity workheet)

Turkish Proverbs

Greeting in Turkish (activity worksheet)

Other resources:

A list of further resources (compiled by WORLD AFFAIRS COUNCIL)

Oxford University Turkish studies (Picture Dictionary): http://turkishonline.orient.ox.ac.uk/apps/oxpdict/