Discourse and Corpus Research Group (DISCORE)

DISCORE is an interdisciplinary research group based in the Department of FLE at METU that I run with a number of my graduate students. It aims to bring together researchers who are interested in issues at the intersection of language, discourse, spoken and written interaction and corpus research.

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2023  Mısır, Hulya

Vlog as a Multimodal Translanguaging Space: Insights From A Turkish Social Media Influencer Corpus (SMIC) (METU, PhD Dissertation)

2023  Bozbıyık, Merve

Displays of Co-constructed Content Knowledge Using Translanguaging in EMI University Classrooms  (co-advisor, main advisor: Dr. Ufuk Balaman, Hacettepe University, PhD Dissertation)

2023  Tanrıverdi-Köksal, Fatma

Becoming an Academic Researcher Teacher: A Narrative Inquiry into EFL Instructors’ Multiple Role Transitions During Their PhD Journey (METU, PhD Dissertation)

2022 Efeoğlu-Özcan, Esranur

The Corpus of Turkish Youth Language (COTY): The compilation and interactional dynamics of a spoken corpus (METU, PhD Dissertation)

2022 Karabacak, Galip

A Metapragmatic Account of Madilik, Madikoli and Gullüm in Turkish Queer Communication (METU, MA Thesis)

2021  Dinç-Altun, Nilay

“I need you to send me the homework please”: An Analysis of Adult ESL Learners’ Requestive Emails to Faculty  (METU, MA Thesis)

2021  Aytaç-Demirçivi, Kadriye

Backchannels in Spoken Turkish  (METU, PhD Dissertation)

2017  Dörtkulak, Funda  

Compliments and Compliment Responses in Turkish and American English: A Contrastive Pragmatics Study of a Facebook Corpus (METU, PhD Dissertation)

2016  Okur, Seda

Representation of European identity in multiparty incoming and outgoing Erasmus students’ discourses (METU, M.A Thesis)

2015  Bal, Betül

Book Review Genre in Academic Writing: A Comparative Study of English and Turkish Across Ten Disciplines  (METU, PhD Dissertation)

2015  Efeoğlu, Esranur

The metaphorical (re)construction of Turkey in political discourse: a corpus-driven critical metaphor analysis (METU, M.A Thesis)

2015  Demir, Melike

A case study on interactional co-construction of identities in an EFL classroom (METU, M.A Thesis)

2015  Özbakış, Özlem

The dynamic nature of positional identities in an EFL classroom: a Conversation Analysis-led case study  (METU, M.A Thesis)

2015  Baştürk, Çağla

Humor and Impoliteness Interaction in Improvised TV Discourse (METU, M.A Thesis)

2014  Erdoğan, Yasemin

Discursive Construction and Linguistic Representations of Gender in Political Discourses: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Governmental Public Addresses in Turkey (METU, M.A Thesis)

2014  Aytaç, Kadriye

A Corpus-Based Comparative Study of Anyway in English and Her/Neyse in Turkish (METU, M.A Thesis)

2013  Çağlar, Elif

A Qualitative Study of Peer Observation of Teaching as a Job-Embedded Professional Development Tool (METU, M.A Thesis)

2012  Iriskulova, Alena

The Investigation of the cultural presence in Spot on 8 ELT textbook published in Turkey : teachers’ and students’ expectations versus real cultural load of the textbook (METU, M.A Thesis)

2012  Çelebi, Hatice

Extracting and analyzing impoliteness in corpora: a study based on British national corpus and Turkish spoken corpus  (METU, PhD Dissertation, co-advised with Prof. Şükriye Ruhi)


Özlem Özbakış

Yasemin Erdoğan-Öztürk

Betül Çimenli

Fatma Ege

Merve Çoban Hırçın (co-advising with Dr.  Ufuk Balaman, HU)

Meltem Turan Eroğlu (co-advising with Dr. Betul Bal Gezegin, OMU)

Melike Demir-Bektaş

Pınar Turan

İlayda Şahin

Buse Tatar


Zeynep Arısoy

*Please contact me via email if you would like to discuss working with me for graduate research or as a visiting researcher.