Son yayınlar / Recent publications

Özkan et al. (2024) The first complete genome of the extinct European wild ass (Equus hemionus hydruntinus). Molecular Ecology, 00, e17440.

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Akçay, Ç., Porsuk, Y.K., Avşar, A., Çabuk, D., Bilgin, C.C. (2020) Song overlapping, noise and territorial aggression in great tits. Behavioral Ecology DOI: 10.1093/beheco/araa030

Çiçek, K., Ayaz, D., Afşar, M., Bayrakçı, Y., Akın Pekşen, Ç., Cumhuriyet, O., İsmail, İ.B., Yenmiş, M., Üstündağ, E., Tok, C.V., Bilgin, C.C., Akçakaya, H.R. (2020) Unsustainable Harvest of Water Frogs in Southern Turkey for the European Market. Oryx 55(3): 364-372

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Çakmak, E., Akın Pekşen, Ç., Kirazlı, C., Yamaç, E., Bilgin, C.C. (2019) Extremely Low Mitochondrial DNA diversity in a Near Threatened Species, the Cinereous Vulture (Aegypius monachus) in Turkey. Ardea 107 (1): 85-92

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