Yakın zamanda bitirenler / Recently completed

Yankı Tandırcıoğlu, M.Sc. 2023: The Effect of Apihouse Experience on Human Brain Electrical Activity and Anxiety Levels (co-advisor Dr. Tolga E. Özkurt)

Alican Avşar, M.Sc. 2022: Assessment of the signal value of a plumage ornamentation in Great Tits Parus major in territorial males using 3D printed models (co-advisor Dr. Çağlar Akçay)

Dudu Erol, M.Sc. 2021: How Will Climate Change Impact the Protected Area Network in Turkey? (co-advisor Dr. İsmail Yücel)

Ekin Kaplan, M.Sc. 2021: The Effect of Plant Diversity on Seedling Establishment of Diplotaxis tenuifolia In the Central Anatolian Steppe

Semiha Demirbaş Çağlayan, Ph.D. 2020: An appraisal of biodiversity monitoring in Turkey within the framework of Essential Biodiversity Variables

Bengisu Biray, M.Sc. 2020: Mitochondrial DNA Analyses of Domestic Pigeon Breeds  (Columba livia domestica) in Turkey