Fault Tolerant Attitude Estimation for Small Satellites

Our book titled “Fault Tolerant Attitude Estimation for Small Satellites” is now published and available on sale by CRC Press. Below you can find a brief description of the contents. For further details and obtaining the book you can refer to the publisher website and/or Amazon whose links are given at the end.

Small satellites use commercial off-the-shelf sensors and actuators for attitude determination and control (ADC) to reduce the cost. These sensors and actuators are usually not as robust as the available, more expensive, space-proven equipment. As a result, the ADC system of small satellites is more vulnerable to any fault compared to a system for larger competitors. This book aims to present useful solutions for fault tolerance in ADC systems of small satellites. The contents of the book can be divided into two categories: fault tolerant attitude filtering algorithms for small satellites and sensor calibration methods to compensate the sensor errors. MATLAB® will be used to demonstrate simulations.

  • Presents fault tolerant attitude estimation algorithms for small satellites with an emphasis on algorithms’ practicability and applicability
  • Incorporates fundamental knowledge about the attitude determination methods at large
  • Discusses comprehensive information about attitude sensors for small satellites
  • Reviews calibration algorithms for small satellite magnetometers with simulated examples
  • Supports theory with MATLAB simulation results which can be easily understood by individuals without a comprehensive background in this field
  • Covers up-to-date discussions for small satellite attitude systems design


CRC Press website & Amazon

IAC 2020

Due to the pandemic, the International Astronautical Congress (IAC), a prestigious space event, where all the space people come together and discuss about the latest developments in space, will be fully virtual and free of charge this year. You can register for the main events, which will held on 12-14 October via iac2020.vfairs.com.

The technical program will cover more than 1000 presentations and our group member Mr. Mehmet Burak Guzel will be presenting his paper titled “IMAGING-BASED ATTITUDE DETERMINATION ALGORITHM FOR SMALL SATELLITES: DESIGN AND THE PRELIMINARY RESULTS (IAC-20.C1.9.10)”.

Full technical program can be accessed on https://iafastro.directory/iac/browse/IAC-20/catalog-technical-programme