Tuğba Hacıefendioğlu

tugbaI was born in 1992 in Trabzon. I graduated from Rize Anatolian Teacher High School at 2010 and now I’m a senior at the department of Chemistry Education at Middle East Technical University. Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated with the magic power of chemistry. That is why I decided to study chemistry when I first saw the reaction that occurs between hydrogen and oxygen to form water. During my undergraduate study, since I have a special interest in photovoltaic cell technology, I joined Demet Asil Alptekin research group in 2016. At the same year, I received training on international summer school Photovoltaic science and Technology conducted by GÜNAM (The Center for Solar Energy Research and Applications).  I am currently dealing with PbSe quantum dots and their optoelectronic applications. Besides these, as extracurricular activities, I am an Argentine Tango dancer an deeply interested in cinema and playing transverse flute and guitar.