Smart Metallo-polymers

smart-1The development of conjugated polyelectrolyte LECs represents a shift of complexity away from device fabrication and into the domain of chemical synthesis, allowing the deep well of synthesis knowledge to be drawn upon and applied to the creation of materials and devices that solve a clear and present problem: the generation of new, energy-efficient lighting and display technologies. The use of chemical self-assembly as a synthetic technique can further simplify materials preparation by shifting intellectual effort away from designing molecules and toward the design of chemical systems that are capable of self-assembling in such a way as to express the desired materials properties. Constitutionally dynamic polymers can reconfigure their structures and properties in response to stimuli in ways that conventional polymers cannot.

In our group, we are investigating the self-assembly of dynamic-covalent metallopolymers, which are capable of undergoing reversible structural rearrangement in response to stimuli such as temperature, electric field etc.,

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