Theses Supervised

Ongoing Thesis Studies Supervised by Dr.Zafer Bozkuş

T8. ” Topic to be determined later” MSc. study by M. Cenk UYANIK in Civil Engineering Department.

T7. “Investigation of Unsteady Two-Phase (Water and Air) Flows in Closed Conduits” Ph.D Study by Yasemin ELDAYIH in Civil Engineering Department.

T6. “Investigation of the Effect of Air Chamber Volume on Eliminating the Column Separation Problem in the Pumped Dischargelines”  Ph.D study by Mehmet Salih TÜRKER in Civil Engineering Department.

T5. “Optimization of Cost and Energy Production  at Hydroelectric Power Plants” Ph.D. study by  Vedat ASLANKARA in Civil Engineering Department. (Co-Supervised by Dr. Kutay ÇELEBİOĞLU)

T4. “Analyses of Frequent Water Hammer  Problems with a newly developed code.”  MSc. study by Hameed JAMI in Civil Engineering Department.

T3. “Analysis of Biphase Flows with Particle Image Velocimeter”  Ph.D study by Onur KEMALLİ in Civil Engineering Department. (Co-Supervised by Prof.Dr. Şahnaz TİĞREK)

T2. “Investigation of Interaction between PRV and Turbines during a Transient Flow in a Hydropowerplant”  MSc study by Mehmet Ali ÇETİNTAŞ in Civil Engineering Department. (Co-Supervised by Dr. Kutay ÇELEBİOĞLU)

T1. ” Numerical Investigation of 2-D Dam-Break Failures by using GIS Applications” Ph.D. study by  Ammar ASHRAF in Civil Engineering Department.

Completed Theses Supervised by Dr.Zafer Bozkuş

T28. “Software Development for Analyzing Fluid Transients in Pipe Lines” MSc. study by Saber Habibi TOPRAGHGHALEH, completed in August 2020.

T27. “Investigation of Water Hammer Problems and Potential Solutions in Pump Discharge Lines ” MSc. study by Recep Çağrı ERDEM, completed in December 2019.

T26. ” Two-Dimensional Flood Control Simulations for Wami and Düden Rivers” MSc. study by Uğur Can KARAKUŞ, completed in September 2019.

T25. ” Two-Dimensional Dam-Break Analyses of Berdan Dam” MSc. study by Çağla Irmak ÜNAL,  completed in September 2019.

T24. ” Simulation of Free-Surface and Pipe Flow Problems with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Method” Ph.D. study by  Ali Ersin DİNÇER, completed in August 2017.

T23. ” Development of a Computer Code to Analyse Fluid Transients in Pressurized Pipe Systems ” MSc. study by  Hasan DALGIÇ, completed in June 2017.

T22. ” Development of a Computer Aided Engineering Tool for Pipe Lines” MSc. study by  Kemal Yüce AYDINOĞLU, completed in September 2016. (Co-Supervised by Dr. Erdal OKTAY)

T21. ” Comparison of Linear, Labyrinth and Piano Key Weirs to Increase the Discharge Capacity of Existing Spillways for a Given Head ” MSc. study by  Deniz KARAEREN, completed in August 2014.

T20. ” Numerical Investigation of Protective Measures against Waterhammer in the Yesilvadi Hydropower Plant ” MSc. study by  Samet DURSUN, completed in December 2013.

T19. ” Numerical Investigation of Effective Surge Tank Dimensions in Hydropower Plants under Various Hydraulic Conditions ” MSc. study by  Pınar BERBEROĞLU, completed in January 2013.

T18. ” Experimental Investigation of Local Scours around Bridge Pier Groups ” MSc. study by  Murat Can ÖZALP, completed in January 2013.

T17. ” Investigation Of Waterhammer Problems in the Penstocks of Pumped-Storage Power Plants” MSc. study by  Ali Ersin DİNÇER, completed in January 2013.

T16. ” Development of a Computer Software for Hydraulic Design of Small Hydropower Facility ” MSc. study by  Emir ALİMOĞLU, completed in September, 2012. (Supervised by Dr. Melih Yanmaz and Cosupervised by Dr. Zafer Bozkuş)

T15. ” Investigation of Waterhammer Problems in Çamlıdere Dam-İvedik Water Treatment Pipeline at Various Hydraulic Conditions ” MSc. study by  Emre SAKABAŞ, completed in February, 2012.

T14. ” Investigation of Waterhammer Problems in the Penstocks of Small Hydropower Plants” MSc. study by  Melih ÇALAMAK, completed in September, 2010.

T13. ” Prediction of the Forcing Function of a Transient Liquid Mass Subsequent to Impact on an Elbow of an Initially Voided Line” Ph.D. study by  Bülent Abbas KAYHAN, completed in February, 2009.

T12. ” Experimental Investigation of Tailwater Effect on Energy Dissipation by Screens” MSc. study by  Vedat ASLANKARA, completed in September 2007. (Co-supervisor: Prof.Dr. Metin GER)

T11. ” Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Flow in an Oil Pipeline Under Various Hydraulic Conditions” MSc. study by  Emrah TURAN, completed in April 2006.

T10. ” Experimental Investigation of Local Scours Around Vertically Inclined Dual Bridge Piers” MSc. study by  Murat ÇEŞME, completed in September 2005.

T9. ” Experimental Investigation of Energy Dissipation  Through Triangular Screens” MSc. study by  Endam GÜNGÖR, completed in May 2005. (Co-supervisor: Prof.Dr. Metin GER)

T8. ” Numerical Simulation of the Kirazlıköprü Dam Failure on the Gökırmak River ” MSc. study by  Koray KARAKAYA, completed in April 2005.

T7. ” Numerical Simulation of the Çınarcık Dam Failure on the Orhaneli River” MSc. study by  Fırat BAĞ, completed in January 2005.

T6. ” Experimental Investigation of Energy Dissipation  Through Inclined Screens” MSc. study by  Görkem BALKIŞ, completed in Sep. 2004. (Co-supervisor: Prof.Dr. Metin GER)

T5. ” Experimental Investigation of Energy Dissipation  Through Screens” MSc. study by  Pınar ÇAKIR, completed in August 2003. (Co-supervisor: Prof.Dr. Metin GER)

T4. ” Experimental Investigation of Scouring Around Inclined Bridge Piers” MSc. study by  Osman YILDIZ, completed in Jan. 2001.

T3. ” Computational and Experimental Analysis of Liquid Slug Motion in a Voided Line” MSc. study by  Özgür Uğraş BARAN, completed in Dec. 1999. (Co-supervisor: Prof.Dr. Metin GER)

T2. ” Pre-event Dam Failure Analyses for Emergency Management” MSc. study by  Ali İhsan GÜNER, completed in Dec. 1998. (Co-supervisor:  Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nuray Denli Tokyay)

T1. ” Comparison of Physical and Numerical Dam-break Simulations: A case study.” MSc. study by Ali KASAP, completed in January 1996. (Co-supervisor: Prof.Dr. Doğan ALTINBİLEK).