May 2018-May 2019 Middle East Technical University (METU) Scientific Research Project (BAP):Automatic Assessment of Information Quality on Web Sites (Coordinator). In this project, several machine learning techniques have been developed to assess the information quality of websites in diabetes2 domain.

May 2016- May 2017 Tübitak 2219 (Funded in 2015) International Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Programme:  The title of the project is “Context-Aware Intervention Strategy Recommendation Model for Persuasive Mobile Health Applications”. In this project, we developed a new personal model for modelling user’s break availability (opportune moments) using mobile sensor data. We collaborated with University College London and University of Birmingham to develop the model.

October 2012-June 2014 The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey funded research project (Tubitak: The Support Programme for Scientific and Technological Research Projects 1001 programme) (project no: 112E141, Researcher): Anomaly Detection for Crowded Environment Video Surveillance Applications: In this project, an intelligent framework working real time on surveillance videos to automatically detect subtle anomalies without a predefined rule set and warning the operators was developed. Her responsibility was to develop novel machine learning algorithms for anomaly detection.

January 2012-December 2012 Middle East Technical University (METU) Scientific Research Project (BAP): Anomaly Detection for Outdoor Scenes (Coordinator). In this project, a supervised anomaly detection framework was developed to detect apparent anomalies for crowded video scenes.

January 2008- December 2008 METU BAP: Campus Grid (Coordinator). In this project, several campus Grid middleware were investigated and compared based on the requirements collected by computer centre laboratories. A guideline for designing a campus grid for METU was prepared.

January 2007- December 2007 METU BAP: Intelligent Web-based Multimodal Learning Environment (Coordinator). IS100 course in METU was developed in terms of student assessment software and course contents. IS100 course aims to make students both computer and information literate.