Grad Students


  1. Ayşe Elvan Aydemir (PhD, September 2021), “A Data Driven Performance Evaluation Framework for Sports Analytics” (co-supervisor: Prof.Dr.Alptekin Temizel)
  2. Ozan Raşit Yürüm (PhD, September 2021), “An Intervention Framework for Design and Development of Interactive Video Lectures Based on Video Viewing Behaviors: A Learning Analytics Approach” (main supervisor: Prof.Dr.Soner Yıldırım)
  3. Hüseyin Buğra Yıldırım (MSc, September 2021), “A Novel Pre-Processing Workflow for Popularity Prediction in Social Media”
  4. Didem Ölçer (PhD, September 2020)-“A framework for information quality and coverage assessment for Type-2 diabetes websites”.
  5. Özgün Ozan Kılıç (MSc, September 2020)- “You are where you eat from: Predicting socioeconomic status from restaurant menus and user reviews”.
  6. Ali Mert Ertuğrul (PhD, December 2019)-“Interpretable Spatio-Temporal Networks for Modeling and Forecasting Societal Event”. (co-advisor: Assoc. Prof.Dr. Yu-Ru Lin)
  7. METU Best Thesis of the Year 2020.
  8. Gürol Canbek (PhD, September 2019)- “Multi-Perspective Analysis and Systematic Benchmarking for Binary-Classification Performance Evaluation Instruments”. (co-advisor: Prof.Dr. Şeref Sağıroğlu)
  9. Şeyma Çavdar (PhD, August 2019)- “Mobile User Data Mining to Infer Knowledge Workers’ Differences in Office Environments for Effective Health Intervention Delivery”. (co-advisor: Assoc.Prof.Dr. P Erhan Eren)
  10. Güliz Bulut (MSc,  September 2018)- “Automatic Information Coverage Assessment of Diabetes Websites”
  11. Oguz Ozan Kartal (MSc, September 2015)-“Using Survival Analysis to Investigate the Persistence of Students in an Introductory Information Technology Course at METU”. (main supervisor: Prof.Dr.Yasemin Yardımcı Çetin).
  12. Nurcan Alkış (PhD, August 2015)-“ The Influence of Personality Traits, Motivation and Persuasion Principles on Academic Performance” METU Best Thesis of the Year 2016.
  13. Perin Ünal (PhD, August 2015)-“An analysis on user profiles and usage preferences for mobile application recommendations” (co-advisor: Assoc. Prof.Dr. P.Erhan Eren)
  14. Erkam Akkurt (MSc, 2015)- “Ubdroid: A Tool for Monitoring Smartphone Application Usage for User Behaviour Analysis” (main supervisor: Prof.Dr.Alptekin Temizel).
  15. Aysu Yanar (MSc,2015) – “Combining Topology-Based & Content-Based Analysis for Followee Recommendation on Twitter” (main supervisor: Prof.Dr. Pınar Karagöz)
  16. Kürşad Öz (MSc, 2014) – “Examining Place Attachment from a Foursquare Perspective”.
  17. Berna Bakır (PhD, 2014) – “Nonparametric Approaches for Discovering Triggering Events from Spatio-Temporal Patterns” (co-advisor: Prof. Dr. Hafize Şebnem Düzgün)
  18. Yılmaz Ar (PhD, 2014) – “Improved Probabilistic Matrix Factorization Model for Sparse Datasets”
  19. Ahmet Emre Kılınç (MSc, 2014) -“A Temporal Expert Finding Methodology based on United-Author-Document Topic Graphs”.
  20. Ayşe Elvan Gündüz (MSc, 2014) -“ Anomaly Detection using Sparse Features and Spatio-Temporal Hidden Markov Model for Pedestrian Zone Video Surveillance” (co-advisor:Prof. Dr. Alptekin Temizel) (won the “ISRA VISION AG – Computer Vision Award” (2nd place) thesis award)
  21. Rahime Belen Sağlam (PhD, 2014) -“ Quality Oriented Information Retrieval and Timeliness Analysis on Diabetes Websites”
  22. Serdar Murat Öztaner (PhD, 2014) -“A Bayesian Modelling and Estimation Framework for Pharmacogenomics Driven Warfarin Dosing” (co-advisor: Prof.Dr. Remzi Erdem) (won the METU Best Thesis of the Year 2015)
  23. Ümit Ateş (MSc, 2014) – “Inference of Personality Using Social Media Profiles”.
  24. Şeyma Küçüközer (MSc, 2013)-“Analysing the Effects of Personality Traits on the Success of Online Study Groups”.
  25. Püren Güler (MSc, 2012) – “Automated Crowd Behaviour Analysis for Video Surveillance applications (main-supervisor: Prof.Dr. Alptekin Temizel)
  26. Gonca Hülya Doğan (MSc, 2012)-“Expert Finding in Domains with Unclear Topics” (co-supervisor: Prof.Dr. Adnan Yazıcı)
  27. Burcu Baştabak (MSc, 2012)- “A Data Mining Framework to Detect Tariff Code Circumvention in Turkish Customs Database”
  28. Mustafa Dalcı (MSc, 2011) – “Using Google Analytics, Card Sorting and Search Statistics for Getting Insight about METU Website’s New Design: A Case Study”
  29. Eda Ercan (MSc, 2010) – “Probabilistic Matrix Factorization based Collaborative Filtering with Implicit Trust Derived from Review Ratings Information”.
  30. Seher Demirel Kütükçü (MSc, 2010) – “Using Google Analytics and think-aloud study for improving METU Informatics Institute web site: A case study”
  31. Rahime Belen (MSc, 2009) – “Detecting Disguised Missing Data”.
  32. Cem Aldaş (MSc, 2008) – “An analysis of peculiarity oriented interestingness measures on medical data”
  33. Özkan Bayraktar (MSc, 2007) – “Person name recognition in Turkish financial texts by using local grammar approach” (co-supervisor: Prof.Dr. Nazife Baykal)