Courses Taught

Middle East Technical University
Undergraduate Level
ECE 202  Play in Early Childhood
ECE 220  Physical Education & Games
ECE 221  Movement in the Early Years
ECE 303  School Experience
ECE 306  Visual Arts & Material Development
ECE 409  Creativity & Children
ECE 411  Practice Teaching I
ECE 430  Practice Teaching II

Graduate Level 
ECE 504 Embodied Learning in Education
ECE 505  Independent Study
ECE 599 M.S. Thesis
ECE 699 PhD Thesis
ECE 805 Special Studies
ECE 905 Advanced Studies

Penn State University
Undergraduate Level
ECE 479    Child’s Play as Educative Process
C&I 495A  Clinical Application of Instruction in Early Childhood Education

Courses Developed (Graduate Level)
ECE 504 Embodied Learning in Education