Türkçe METU Blog Service

Usage Policy


  1. To build a blog page by using METU Blog Service, METU members having valid user codes with the extension metu.edu.tr on METU central servers can login METU Blog Service by entering their user codes and passwords in the “Log in to METU Blog Service” section on METU Blog main page at URL http://blog.metu.edu.tr (To ensure security user code and password information should not be shared with anyone under any condition).
  2. The pages prepared by the user will remain active unless they are deleted by the user as long as the user has a valid user code. The pages of the users whose user code is canceled will be deleted.
  3. For each blog page a 50 Mb storage space is allocated.
  4. When using blog service, users should use their e-mail address with metu.edu.tr extension in “E-mail address” field under “Settings>General” section. Since it is this address that will be used for Service activation messages and other necessary communication, the e-mail address given here should belong to an actively used e-mail account.
  5. The contents of the pages published via METU Blog Service should be in accordance with the METU Information Resources Policy and other relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Türkiye. Content contrary to general ethical principles, or content containing political propaganda, pirating, commercial or spam material are not allowed.
  6. It is important to remember that blog pages are published in a “public environment.” Blog owner is personally responsible for all the content published on blog pages and liable before the laws and regulations. METU reserves the right to access and intervene to the blog pages when a breach of the art. 5 of this policy becomes clear, or be informed.
  7. Users owning blog pages via METU Blog Service are expected to read and agreed with these policy rules. METU CC reserves the right to amend Blog Service usage rules and policies at any time. Users are responsible to keep up-to-date on these changes via http://blog.metu.edu.tr page.
  8. Eventual problems or questions concerning METU Blog Service can be sent by using “Contact Form.”

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