Türkçe METU Blog Service

For Corporate Users


In addition to the features that are available to the personal users, the METU Blog Service features the following for the user types in the form of “www*****” such as academic/administrative departments, research centers, research groups, student communities, academic events etc.

1 – Domain Mapping

If desired, the site names in the form of “www.*****.metu.edu.tr” as described above can be merged with the blog pages that are created through METU Blog Service. Thus, access to pages in the form of “blog.metu.edu.tr/wwwabc” is made possible through pages like “abc.metu.edu.tr”

Example sites:

Personel Halk Oyunları Topluluğu
Çevre Topluluğu

2 – Site Map

METU Blog Service provides an XML Sitemap that can be used with,


by means of Google, Yandex and Bing Webmaster Tools. With the usage of this file, the search results created by search engines are improved for the said site.


This page will be updated in time to show the new features for corporate users as they are implemented.


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