Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the Middle East Technical University (METU), and the Organizing and Scientific Committees of the 9th EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING CONFERENCE (EMCC 2018), it is our pleasure to invite you to attend the EMCC 2018 to be held in METU, Ankara at METU Cultural and Conventional Center on 31 August – 2 September 2018. The EMCC series was established 20 years ago by the initiatives of the scientific councils or foundations of the USA, Israel, and Turkey. The first meeting (EMCC 1999) was organized in Technion-Haifa, and the second (EMCC 2001) was in METU-Ankara with the contributions of chemical engineering scientists from Israel, Turkey, and the USA; in turn was enlarged with the joining of Greece and Italy at the EMCC 2003 (Thessaloniki, Greece), and proceeded onward as a biennial chemical engineering scientific event.

Our countries must and can be competitive and proactive in bio- and chemical- industries; and the EMCCs play a contributing role in providing voice for the chemical engineering sciences and scientists in this dialogue.
The aims of EMCCs are: to present frontline sciences that will form the basis for future commercial innovations; to provide opportunities for sharing new ideas; to enable young scientists to participate and meet their peers who are driving scientific and technological developments; and furthermore, to contribute for sustainable good relations between our universities and the peoples, since 1999. The ninth meeting in the EMCC series will be an excellent opportunity to address the latest progress and advances in this fascinating group of research fields of the ChE.

We are very much pleased to announce that 2018 is an exceptional year as the METU-ChemE is celebrating the 60th Anniversary. In 2018, we are delighted to welcome the ChE scientists from the Greece, Israel, Italy, Turkey and the USA back to METU-Ankara to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the long running EMCC series. We are preparing a range of interesting and stimulating sessions to be presented in the EMCC 2018 program.

Pınar Çalık
EMCC9 Chair

Department of Chemical Engineering
Middle East Technical University