August 31- September 2, 2018

Friday, August 31
8:00-9:00AM Registration of Delegates: Conference Reception Desk

METU Conference Center Ground Floor: Room A

9:00-9:35AM Session-1: EMCC9 Opening Session



Opening Address: Pınar ÇALIK, Chair (Head of Dept of Chemical Eng, METU)

60th Anniversary of Chemical Engineering at METU: Timur DOĞU (METU)

Remarks and Conference Announcements

9:40-9:55AM Break: Coffee, tea and refreshments
10:00-12:30AM Session-2: Catalysis and Engineering for Novel Catalyst Systems

      Chair: Ümit S. ÖZKAN, Yaron PAZ

10:00-10:30AM Plenary Presentation-1:  Pınar ÇALIK (METU)

Catalysis through metabolic engineering: From promoters through transcriptional engineering towards multi-promoter systems for recombinant protein production

10:30:11:00AM Plenary Presentation-2: Alexander KATZ (UC Berkeley)

Outer-sphere control of surface catalysis:  A comparative  study of amorphous and crystalline supports

11:30-12:00AM Plenary Presentation-3: Matteo CARGNELLO (Stanford Univ) 

Understanding and tuning catalytic materials using nanocrystal precursors

Friday, August 31- cont’d
12:05- 1:05PM Lunch (METU Conference Center Ground Floor: Exhibition Room)


Session-3: Novel catalyst systems, reactions and pathways: Fluid-solid/catalytic and solid-state/catalytic reaction engineering

     Chair : Alexander KATZ, Timur DOĞU

1:10- 1:40PM


Plenary Presentation-4: Ümit ÖZKAN (Ohio State U)

Hydrodechlorination of trichloroethylene using Pd catalysts supported on swellable organically modified silica(SOMS)

1:40- 2:10PM


Plenary Presentation-5: David HIBBITTS (Univ of Florida)

Theoretical investigation of arene methylation, alkene formation, and deactivation in methanol-to-olefin reactions in H-ZSM-5

2:10- 2:40PM


Plenary Presentation-6: Dilek VARIŞLI (Gazi Univ)

Microwave assisted ammonia decomposition reaction for clean hydrogen production



Plenary Presentation-7: Oren REGEV (Ben-Gurion Univ of the Negev)

Graphite-to-graphene: Total conversion

3:15-3:30PM Break: Coffee, tea and refreshments


Session-4: Poster Session  (METU Conference Center Ground Floor)

i) Posters will stay on for the whole Conference promoting Author presentation and

spontaneous discussion;

ii) 12 posters will be selected for SHORT-TALK  5 min oral-presentations in

Session-11: The EMCC 9 Scientific Committee and Plenary Lecture Speakers will select the best 12 posters for “SHORT TALK- 5 min Oral Presentations”.

4:30-6:00PM Session-5: Advances in Bioseparations and Separation Processes

     Chair : Nicholas ABBOTT, Levent YILMAZ

4:30-5:00PM Plenary Presentation-8: Steven M CRAMER (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Recent developments in downstream bioprocessing: Multimodal  chromatography, affinity precipitation and integrated bioprocessing

5:00-5:30PM Plenary Presentation-9: Nalan KABAY (Ege Univ)

Overview of integrated membrane processes for water reclamation

5:30-6:00PM Plenary Presentation-10: Zeynep ÇULFAZ-EMECEN (METU)

Organic solvent nanofiltration with cellulose membranes


New paradigm(s) for the establishment of novel distinct and powerful concepts and tools in chemical engineering

7:30-9:00PM Symposium Banquet (METU Conference Center Ground Floor: Exhibition Room)
Saturday, September 1
METU Conference Center Ground Floor: Room A
8:30-10:00AM Session-6: Computational-Method Guided Design, Applications, Novel Optimization


      Chair : Steven M. CRAMER, Göknur BAYRAM

8:30-9:00AM Plenary Presentation-11: Nicholas ABBOTT (Univ of Wisconsin) 

Using computational chemistry and machine learning to design liquid crystal-based sensors for toxic gases

9:00-9:30AM Plenary Presentation-12: Nihal AYDOĞAN (Hacettepe Univ) Lipid based nano/micro structures: Molecular design to microstructure


Plenary Presentation-13: Ahmet PALAZOĞLU (UC Davis)

A new design paradigm to address demand response objectives in process systems



Break: Coffee, tea and refreshments



Session-7a: Transport and Rheological Characteristics of Liquid Systems

       Chair : Orlin D VELEV, Ahmet PALAZOĞLU

10:20-10:50AM Plenary Presentation-14: Manoj K CHAUDHURY (Lehigh Univ)

Drop fluidics enabled by magnetic field mediated elasto-capillary transduction



Plenary Presentation-15: Aditya S KHAIR (Carnegie Mellon Univ)

Linear viscoelasticity of a dilute active suspension



Session-7b : Novel Polymers Through Creation of Multiphasic Interphases

         Chair : Manoj K CHAUDHURY, Ahmet PALAZOĞLU



Plenary Presentation-16: Orlin D VELEV (North Carolina State Univ)

Novel colloidal materials made by interfacial templating  and “capillary engineering” of multiphasic liquid systems



Plenary Presentation-17: H Yıldırım ERBİL (Gebze Technical Univ)

Mechanically resistant polyurethane superhydrophobic coatings using unmodified commercial silica



Plenary Presentation-18: Sadhan C JANA (Univ of Akron)

Multifunctional materials for sustainability

12:55AM-1:55PM Lunch (METU Conference Center Ground Floor: Exhibition Room)


Session-8: Novel Featured Materials, Polymeric Materials, Matrix Interactions,  and                             Applications

     Chair : David HIBBITTS, Önder ÖZBELGE

2:00-2:30PM Plenary Presentation-19: Halil KALIPÇILAR (METU)Development of membranes and investigating their potential in Turkish Chemical Industry


Plenary Presentation-20: Erhan BAT (METU)Graphene oxide based functional materials


Plenary Presentation-21: Seda KIZILEL (Koç Univ)Molecule release from responsive and bioadhesive systems
3:35-3:50PM Break: Coffee, tea and refreshments


Session-9: Photocatalysis and Photocatalyst Design, Photocatalytic and

                  Electrocatalytic Systems for Solar Fuel and Fuel Cells

     Chair : Oren REGEV, Sadhan JANA

3:50-4:20PM Plenary Presentation-22: Yaron PAZ (Technion-Israel Institute of Technology)

Transient phenomena in photocatalysis, as studied by ultrafast FTIR measurements



Plenary Presentation-23: Deniz ÜNER (METU)

Storage of solar energy in chemical bonds



Plenary Presentation-24: Selmiye ALKAN GÜRSEL (Sabanci Univ)

Graphene as a new substitute of carbon black for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells

5:20-5:30PM Remarks and Conference Announcements
5:40-6:00PM Session-10: Poster Session  (METU Conference Center Ground Floor)
6:00-7:30PM Free time for group activities
7:30-11:00PM      Conference Dinner: Wyndham Hotel (Yaşam cad, 4th sokak No:4, Söğütözü, Ankara;

Tel: +90.312.219 0303)

Sunday, September 2
METU Chemical Engineering Department: Room Z14
9:20-9:30AM Conference Announcements and Remarks
9:30-10:30AM Session-11: Catalysts and  Multi-phase Catalytic Reactors

       Chair : Matteo CARGNELLO



Plenary Presentation-25: Ahmet Kerim AVCI (Boğazici Univ)

Intensified catalytic reaction engineering for efficient synthesis of fuels and chemicals



Plenary Presentation-26: Alper UZUN (Koç Univ)

Atomically dispersed supported  metal catalysts with tunable performance



Break: Coffee, tea and refreshments


Session-12: Breakout Sessions
10:55-12:00PM    Session-13: Short-Talk Presentations by Presenters of Selected-Posters (Room Z14) 

       Chair : Steven M. CRAMER

12:10AM-12:20PM Session-14: Jacques L Zakin Award Ceremony

The EMCC 9 (2018) Jacques L Zakin Award recipient will be selected among the graduate students exerted a research originality, creativity, and novelty of concept or application.

The Award consists of a plaque.

12:20AM-12:40PM Session-15: Concluding Remarks & Closing Ceremony
12:45PM-13:45PM Lunch
1:50-5:30PM Social Program: Visiting: 1) ANITKABİR (at Tandoğan), and  2) Anatolian Civilisations Museum (in Ankara Castle, Ulus)