The confirmed speakers so far;

Nicholas L. Abbott, Professor, University of Wisconsin – Madison
“Using computational chemistry and machine learning to design liquid crystal-based sensors for toxic gases”

Selmiye Alkan Gürsel, Professor, Sabancı University
“Graphene as a new substitute of carbon black for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells”

Ahmet Kerim Avcı, Professor, Boğaziçi University
“Intensified Catalytic Reaction Engineering for Efficient Synthesis of Fuels and Chemicals”

Nihal Aydoğan, Professor, Hacettepe University
“Lipid Based Nano/Micro Structures: Molecular Design to Microstructure”

Erhan Bat, Associate Professor, Middle East Technical University
“Graphene oxide based functional materials”

Matteo Cargnello, Professor, Stanford University
“Understanding and tuning catalytic materials using nanocrystal precursors”

Manoj Chaudhury, Professor, Lehigh University
“Drop fluidics enabled by magnetic field mediated elasto-capillary transduction”

Steve Cramer, Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
“Recent developments in downstream bioprocessing: Multimodal chromatography, affinity precipitation and integrated bioprocessing”

Pınar Çalık, Professor, Middle East Technical University
“Catalysis through metabolic engineering: From promoters through transcriptional engineering towards multi-promoter systems for recombinant protein production”

P. Zeynep Çulfaz-Emecen, Associate Professor, Middle East Technical University
“Organic solvent nanofiltration with cellulose membranes”

Timur Doğu, Professor, Middle East Technical University
“60th Anniversary of Chemical Engineering at METU”

Eran Edri, Professor, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
“Nanometer scale hybrid membranes for artificial photosynthesis and electrifying the biotic/abiotic interface”

H. Yıldırım Erbil, Professor, Gebze Technical University
“Mechanically Resistant Polyurethane Superhydrophobic Coatings Using Unmodified Commercial Silica”

David Hibbitts, Professor, University of Florida
“Theoretical investigation of arene methylation, alkene formation, and deactivation in methanol-to-olefin reactions in H-ZSM-5”

Sadhan Jana, Professor, University of Akron
“Multifunctional materials for sustainability”

Nalan Kabay, Professor, Ege University
“Overview of integrated membrane processes for water reclamation”

Halil Kalıpçılar, Professor, Middle East Technical University
“Development of membranes and investigating their potential in Turkish Chemical Industry”

Alex Katz, Professor, University of California – Berkeley
“Outer-sphere control of surface catalysis:  A comparative study of amorphous and crystalline supports”

Aditya Khair, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
“Linear viscoelasticity of a dilute active suspension”

Seda Kızılel, Associate Professor, Koç University
“Molecule release from responsive and bioadhesive systems”

Ümit Özkan, Professor, Ohio State University
“Hydrodechlorination of Trichloroethylene Using Pd Catalysts Supported on Swellable Organically Modified Silica (SOMS)”

Ahmet Palazoğlu, Professor, University of California – Davis
“A new design paradigm to address demand response objectives in process systems”

Yaron Paz, Professor, Israel Institute of Technology
“Transient phenomena in photocatalysis, as studied by ultrafast FTIR measurements”

Oren Regev, Professor, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
“Graphite-to-Graphene: Total Conversion”

Alper Uzun, Associate Professor, Koç University
“Atomically dispersed supported  metal catalysts with tunable performance”

Deniz Üner, Professor, Middle East Technical University
“Storage of Solar Energy in Chemical Bonds ”

Dilek Varışlı, Associate Professor, Gazi University
“Microwave Assisted Ammonia Decomposition Reaction for Clean Hydrogen Production”

Orlin Velev, Professor, North Carolina State University
“Novel colloidal materials made by interfacial templating and “capillary engineering” of multiphasic liquid systems”