Principal Investigator

Improving Hydrological Predictions using a Spatially Distributed Hydrologic Model and Remotely Sensed Precipitation and Soil Moisture Products: Utility of Model Calibration and Data Assimilation Techniques, Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) Project No: 121Y468 (2022-2024)

Monitoring and Analysis of Floods and Droughts in Turkey using Satellite-based Remote Sensing Products and a Global Hydrologic Model Investigator, TUBITAK Project, (2019-2020)

Advancement of Satellite Rainfall Applications for Hydrologic Modeling with Emphasis on Flood Monitoring (FLOODSAT), European Union FP7 Marie Sklodowska Curie Integration Grant, PIRG8-GA-2010-27783 (2011-2014).

Characterization of Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions using Thermal Remote Sensing and In-Stream Measurements, METU BAP Project (2013-2015).

Regional Evaluation of Satellite-based Rainfall Estimates over Turkey, METU BAP Project (2010-2011)


Estimation of Homogeneous High-Resolution Radar Based Precipitation Map Improved Using Station Based Observations Over Turkey, TUBITAK Project, (PI: Assist. Prof. Tugrul Yılmaz), (2018-2021)

Evaluation of an Integrated Atmospheric-Hydrologic Modeling System for Flood Events at two Basins in Turkey, TUBITAK Project, PI: Assoc. Prof. Ismail Yucel, (2018-2021)

Analysis of Flood Events Using Regional Hydrometeorological Modeling System, “European Procedures for Flood Frequency Estimation (FloodFreq) COST Action (ES0901)” and “Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) Project No: 110Y036 (PI: Prof. Ismail Yucel) (2010-2012)

Assessment of Water Supply for the Çeltikçi Coal Mine and Thermal Power Plant, METU Project, (PI: Prof. Hasan Yazicigil) (2014-2015)

Building Opportunity Out of Science and Technology, Helping Hydrologic Outreach in Indonesia & Turkey, (BOOST H2O), US Department of State Project (PI: Assoc. Prof. Alan Fryar, Univ. of Kentucky) (2012-2014)

Evaluation of the Surface Water Potential for the Kisladag Gold Mine, Turkey, METU Project (PI: Prof. Dr. Hasan Yazicigil) (2010-2011)

Hydrogeological investigation and characterization of the Celtikci Coal Basin, METU Project, (PI: Prof. Dr. Hasan Yazicigil) (2014-2016)

Hydrological and Hydrogeological Characterization of The Caldag Nickel Mine Project Area, Turkey, METU Project, (PI: Prof. Hasan Yazicigil) (2012-2013)

Parameterization and Parameter Estimation of Distributed Models for Flash Flood and River Prediction, NOAA/NWS (PI: Prof. Dr. Hoshin Gupta) (2005-2008)

NASA Global Floods and Landslides Monitoring and Forecasting using Satellite-based Rainfall Estimates and a Global Hydrologic Model, NASA Applied Sciences Program (PI: Dr. Robert F. Adler & Frederick Policelli) (2008-2010)


Feasibility of Nature Based Solutions for Flood Risk Mitigation in Highly Urbanized Esenyurt District of İstanbul, İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 2022-2023.

Van Lake Basin Drought Management Plan, General Directorate of Water Management, Turkish Ministry of Forestry and Water Works (2016-2019)

Development of Drought Management Plans for Eastern Mediterranean, North Aegean and Kucuk Menderes Basins, General Directorate of Water Management, Turkish Ministry of Forestry and Water Works (2016-2018)

Implementation of a Flood Forecasting and Early Warning System for the city of Istanbul, Riverside Technology Inc., USA (2012-2013)

Flood Forecasting and Early Warning System Feasibility Study for Turkey, Agencies: General Directorate of Meteorological Works, Gen. Dir. of Hydraulic Works and Disaster Management Office, Consultant to Riverside Technology Inc, USA (2011)