Thesis Studies

Ph. D. Theses    

Azadeh Kamali Tafreshi, February 2016, Design and realization of a hybrid medical imaging system: harmonic motion microwave Doppler imaging.
Can Barış Top, September 2013, Harmonic motion microwave Doppler imaging method.
Koray Özdal Özkan, January 2013, 3D Multi-frequency Electrical Conductivity Imaging via Contactless Measurements.
Reyhan Zengin, September 2012, Electrical Impedance Tomography using Lorentz Fields.
Feza Carlak, February 2012 Medical Electro-thermal Imaging.
Ali Bülent Uşaklı, Aralık 2006, 256-Channel Electroencephalographic Data-acquisition System For Electrical Source Imaging.
Zeynep Akalın Acar, June 2005, Electro-magnetic source imaging using realistic head models.
Serap Aydın, September 2005, Extraction of auditory evoked potentials from ongoing EEG.
Can Erkin Acar, April 2003, Parallelization of the forward and inverse problems of electro-magnetic source imaging of the human brain.

M. Sc. Theses

Keivan Kaboutari, February 2017, Data acquisition system for Lorentz force electrical impedance tomography using magnetic field measurement system (hidden for 1 year).
Elyar Ghalichi, February 2017, Theoretical limits and safety considerations for magneto-acousto electrical tomography (hidden for 1 year).
Utku Baran Kulga, February 2017, PhP Applications, K-Wave simulations and Experimental studies for Medical Ultrasound.
Yiğit Ürkmeztürk, February 2016, Design and implementation of a communication system for implantable medical devices.
Mahsa Keykhali , February 2016, A Study on a Low Phase Noise Charge Pump Phase-Locked Loop at 2.8 GHz.
Damla Alptekin, August 2015, Dual band microstrip implantable antenna design for biomedical applications.
Cansu Akbay, January 2015, Application of image enhancement algorithms to improve the visibility and classification of microcalcifications in mammograms. 
Ulaş İnan, February 2015, Design and implementation of magnetic field sensors for biomedical applications.
Mürsel Karadaş, September 2014, 2D simulations based on the general time dependent reciprocal relation and initial experiments for LFEIT. 
Mehmet Soner Gözü, September 2014, 2D simulation studies and initial experimental results for Hall effect imaging.
Muhammed Yeşilkaya, 2014, A mass detection algorithm for mammogram images.
Galip Özdemir, September 2013, İnvestigating the multi-frequency performance of Electro-thermal imaging: An experimental study.
Erman Acar, February 2011, Classification of motor imagery tasks in EEG signal and its application to a brain-computer interface for controlling assistive environmental devices.
Berna Akıncı, September 2010,  Realization of a cue based motor imagery brain computer interface with its potential application to a wheelchair.
Hasan Balkar Erdoğan, September 2009, A design and implementation of p300 based brain-computer interface. 
Mustafa Yurtkölesi, September 2008, Imaging electrical conductivity distribution of the human head using evoked fields and potentials.
Çağdaş Altın, December 2008,   Java applets for simulation of magnetic resonance imaging.
Doğa Gürsoy, January   2007      Multi-frequency contactless electrical impedance imaging using realistic head models: single coil simulations.
Sercan Taha Ahi, September 2007, Solving the forward problem of electrical source imaging by applying the reciprocal approach and the finite difference method.
Koray Özdal Özkan, January 2006, Multi-frequency electrical conductivity imaging via contactless measurements.
Yoldaş Ataseven, September 2005, Parallel implementation of the boundary element method for electromagnetic source imaging of the human brain
İlyas Evrim Çolak, April  2005, An improved data acquisition system for contactless conductivity imaging              .
Cemil Kızılöz, December 2005, Real time image processing for medical infrared imaging.
Ayhan Serkan Şık, December 2003, X-ray physics and computerized tomography simulation using java and flash.
Dilan Görür, January 2003, Automated Detection of Sleep Spindles.
Başak Ülker, December 2001, Electrical conductivity imaging via contactless measurements: an experimental study.
Tafseer Ahmad, August 2001, Experimental studies on development of a new imaging system for contactless subsurface conductivity imaging of biological tissues.
Koray Uyar, April 2001, Development of a Compression Algorithm Suitable for Exercise ECG data.
Burak Yenigün, September 2000, Noise Cancellation Techniques Applied to EEG Using Single or More Sweeps.
Ihsan Oguz Tanzer, 1999, Forward problem solution of electro-magnetic source imaging of the human brain using a new boundary element method formulation with realistic head model.
Mehmet Nejat Tek, 1998, Electrical conductivity imaging via contactless measurements: Forward and inverse problem simulations.
Mehmet Kemal Özdemir, July 1998, Forward problem solution of EMSI of the human brain using a new FEM Formulation with realistic head model.