Arch 750 “Performative Architecture Lab”, Department of Architecture.

Computational design applied on performative architecture; research by design; design and prototyping for a small-scale architectural program; computational methods for modelling; simulation, optimization and prototyping; design context on architectural form generation and envelope design.

Arch 450 “Generative Design in Architecture”, Department of Architecture.

Generative design concepts across various scales and disciplines ranging from arts to computer science. The students are to develop an analytical and creative understanding of generative models by adapting and implementing various methods and toools in their own design. Computational and algorithmic thinking will be the central element through which the relevant topics will be explored and implemented.

Arch 203, “Digital Media in Architecture I”, Department of Architecture

Representation and communication of architectural design using the digital media; the basic principles, tools and methods of 3D modeling; two dimensional drafting and three dimensional modeling using digital tools

Arch 101 – Arch 102 “Basic Design Studio”, Department of Architecture

Introduction to the basic concepts and principles of design. Exercises to develop mental and manual skills to cope with design problems. Development of visual values for structuring and articulating two and three dimensional spatial compositions in different media.