Mockups/7th Week Friday

full set
queen revised


queen 2nd angle


king revised



king 2nd angle

I tried to make the lines I made with the king&queen at last class after the critique but I couldn’t handle the craft and couldn’t come up with a good solution to every piece so I didn’t like what I achieved with “line” concept.

bishop “line” trial


king “line” trial


pawn “line” trial


rook “line” trial


board trial


board with pieces

Mockups /7th Week



I’m not satisfied the end result of king and queen with the effect I tried to make, so the overall size in these pieces also failed while I was trying to fix it.


Revised Mockups/6th Week Friday

Due to lack of material I couldn’t make a revised full set version, so I changed the certain pieces that I got critique about and took photos of them.



knight version 1

knight version 1

knight version 2 (carved from back)

knight version 2


Mockups and Sketches/5th Week

I tried to generate different forms for the different pieces from the shape I made last week.
bishop and knight example from the last week with the pawn

a very rough trial for board from the used soap