Some notes and videos for MATH 119

During Spring 2020, I was teaching MATH119 (Section 3) at U-3 auditorium. Due to the size of the auditorium, I was using a tablet connected via HDMI to the screen in U-3 and posted the lecture notes at this page at the request of some students.

In the middle of semester, due to the global COVID-19 crisis, the lectures were held online starting from March 23, 2020. The videos of online lectures as well as their lecture notes are also posted on this page.

I would like to point out that the notes on this page are the lecture notes and not the recitation notes. (The recitation videos and notes can be reached from this link.) You should keep in mind that

  • The textbook of the course is Adams’ Calculus book, so you should not treat the material in these notes as the “official” course notes. It is possible that Adams and I take different approaches to cover certain topics.
  • During lectures, there is commentary besides what I write on the tablet. For example, I may be emphasizing important points and explaining common mistakes and how to approach to a specific type of problem. Consequently, there is some (orally communicated) material present in the lectures that is not included in these notes, which means that you should not just focus on these notes.
  • Use the textbook along with these lecture notes to study and solve the suggested problems together with past exam questions.
  • Try to understand and not memorize.
  • There may be errors and typos, so use these notes with caution.

Lecture notes:

Online lecture videos:

  • YouTube playlist of lectures for Sections 4.4 and after. (Total length of the playlist: 22 hours, 32 minutes, 24 seconds.)