You can reach my ORCID profile, my Scopus profile, my Publons profile and my Google Scholar profile from these links. Below you will find the list of my publications and preprints.

  • Kaya, B. The complexity of the topological conjugacy problem for Toeplitz subshifts. Isr. J. Math. 220, 873–897 (2017).
    Available at doi:10.1007/s11856-017-1537-4
    Preprint version available at arXiv:1602.08179v2
  • Kaya, B. The complexity of topological conjugacy of pointed Cantor minimal systems. Arch. Math. Logic 56, 215–235 (2017).
    Available at doi:10.1007/s00153-017-0534-y
    Preprint version available at arXiv:1508.07699v2
  • Kaya, B., Kegel, O.H. & Kuzucuoğlu, M. On the existence of κ-existentially closed groups. Arch. Math. 111, 225–229 (2018).
    Available at doi:10.1007/s00013-018-1213-x
    Author’s accepted manuscript version available at this link.*
  • Benli, M.G., Kaya, B. Descriptive complexity of subsets of the space of finitely generated groups. (Submitted.)
    Preprint version available at arXiv:1909.11163
  • Kaya, B., Sağlam, I. On the closed Ramsey numbers R^cl(ω+n,3). (Submitted.)
    Preprint version available at arXiv:2005.09519

Here are some research notes that are not to be published but contains some basic results and background material on various questions:

  • On the complexity of topological conjugacy of compact metrizable G-ambits (2017).
    Available at arXiv:1706.09821

* This is a post-peer-review, pre-copyedit version of the article published in Archiv der Mathematik. The final authenticated version is available online at the link above. (AAM version is provided here according to Springer’s policy on self-archiving.)