Ali Emre TurgutI am an assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering at Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey. I work in swarm robotics, control engineering , mechatronics and manufacturing engineering fields. I am a member of KOVAN Research Lab.

I obtained my Ph.D degree from Middle East Technical University under the supervision of Prof. Erol Şahin and Prof. Buğra Koku. My thesis topic was “Self-organized Flocking with a Mobile Robot Swarm”.  I worked as a research associate in Laboratory of Socio-ecology and Social Evolution in KU Leuven within the framework of H2Swarm project under the supervision of Prof. Tom Wenseleers. I also worked as a post doctoral researcher in IRIDIA, CODE, Universite Libre de Bruxelles in the Swarmanoid and E-Swarm projects under the supervision of Prof. Marco Dorigo.

How to contact me:

email: aturgut [ at ] metu [ dot] edu [dot] tr
phone: +90-312-210-5212
office: Middle East Technical University, Mechanical Engineering Department, E-101, 06800, Ankara, TURKEY