Entertainment Computing and Interactive Systems Laboratory – ECISLab
METU Entertainment Computing and Interactive Systems Laboratory (ECISLab) was founded in 2016 at METU II. ECISLab focuses on research in the following areas:
. Serious games
. Procedural content generation
. Multi-agent and multi-strategy learning
. Augmented and mixed reality games
. Computational intelligence techniques for games
. Evolutionary games
. Human movement analysis
. Machine learning
. Computer vision
. Character development and narrative in games
More recently we have started to work on musical interaction in the augchestra project together with METU Spatial Audio Research Group (SPARG).
. Microsoft Kinect for Windows v2
. Nintendo Wii Fit Plus
. Novint Falcon
. BiosignalsPlux Professional
Principal Investigator
Elif Sürer, Ph.D
PhD Students
Mehmet Ali Arabacı (Co-supervised with Assoc. Prof. Alptekin Temizel)
Cihan Öngün (Co-supervised with Assoc. Prof. Alptekin Temizel)
MSc Students
Timuçin Berk Atalay
Kürşat Bitlislioğlu
Umut Demirel (Co-supervised with Assoc. Prof. Hüseyin Hacıhabiboğlu)
Kazım Gökhan Doğramacı (Co-supervised with Assoc. Prof. Hüseyin Hacıhabiboğlu)
Hüseyin Erdoğan
Oğuzcan Ergin
Efe Gürkan
Ceren İnci
İsmail Özgür Kızıl (Co-supervised with Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Uysal)
Fatih Özkan (Co-supervised with Assoc. Prof. Alptekin Temizel)
Ali Kaan Sungur
Cihad Turhan
Okan Bleda Tünay (Co-supervised with Assoc. Prof. Hüseyin Hacıhabiboğlu)
Yasir Yazıcı
Gökhan Yılmaz (Co-supervised with Assoc. Prof. Alptekin Temizel)
TÜBİTAK 2232 Reintegration Research Fellowship Program (July 2015 – now): Cognitive and Physical Rehabilitation of Children with Down Syndrome Using Video Games
METU Scientific Research Project Funding (Project ID: BAP-08-11-2016-019): Development of a gamified mobile platform to teach first aid training to the military service members (Principal Investigator: Assoc. Prof. Pınar Karagöz)

METU SPatial Audio Research Group (METU-SPARG)
METU Virtual Reality and Computer Vision Research Group
METU – TAF Modeling and Simulation R&D Center
METU Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Psychology
Recent Publications
Surer, E. (2016) “Physical and Cognitive Training of Children with Down Syndrome Using Video Games”, GOODTECHS Conference Proceedings (accepted – to be published by Springer-Verlag in the Lecture Notes of ICST).
Surer, E. (2016) “A Video Game-Based Physical and Cognitive Training Platform for Children with Down Syndrome”, Proceedings of the 6th Annual Games for Health Europe Conference (GFHEU), p.24, 2016.
Sungur, A. K. and Surer, E. (2016) “Voluntary Behavior on Cortical Learning Algorithm Based Agents”, IEEE Computational Intelligence & Games 2016 (CIG’16), Santorini, Greece, 20-23 September 2016. | Download (.pdf)
Bilu, H., Surer, E., Cinar, O., Karagoz, P. (2016) “A Gamified Mobile Platform for Teaching First Aid Techniques in Military Training“, 37th HFM Panel Business Meeting, Bucharest, Romania, 11-14 April 2016.
Sürer, E. (2016) “Video-games based framework designed for the cognitive rehabilitation of children with Down Syndrome”, 24th Signal Processing and Communication Application Conference (SIU), IEEE, 2016. | Download (.pdf)
Özkan, F., Arabacı, M. A., Surer, E., Temizel, A. (2017) “Boosted Multiple Kernel Learning for First-Person Activity Recognition”, submitted to EUSIPCO 2017 (available on arXiv:1702.06799).