Welcoming 2012

While there are still many progress reports, project proposals and paper submission due before New Year, we have started the festivities with the METU Informatics Institute New Year Celebration Party. Food, decorations and guests were top notch. I don’t have the pictures from the party, will post them as soon as I receive.

Tomorrow I will be at the celebration dinner of Biological Sciences Department and on Tuesday invited to the Statistic’s Party. Also we are organizing a little celebration of our own within my group for next week. Well while this is all fun and good for academic networking, but I also look forward to host my family at our place at New Year night. NY_blog

BeNeLux Bioinformatics Conference @ Luxemburg


BBC11 was a great opportunity for us to present our recent work on iSNP database and piSNP application. They are both work in progress scheduled to be completed in first quarter of 2012.

BBC11 Organizers were very welcoming and excited to host us for the first time from Turkey. This event was a great opportunity for all for new collaborations as many are working on similar problems.

My original submission was for a poster but I also had the opportunity to present our work in a short oral presentation.

Luxemburg wheather was cold but sunny, so we enjoyed our trip to the Christmas market at the city center.

4th International Congress on Psychopharmacology, Belek ,Antalya,

We have presented two posters titled “Development of a SNP Genotyping Panel and a Medical Decision Support Algorithm for Prediction of Drug Response in Schizophrenia” (Alper Döm)
Poster2 and “GWAS with AHP Based SNP Prioritization Approach to Identify SNP Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease” (Onat Kadıoğlu)
at the Psychopharmacology Conference at Belek ,Antalya.

Alper’s poster was selected for presentation and he did a good job summarizing it all under 10 minutes.

Additionally I was scheduled to to talk on “PHARMACOGENOMICS BIOMARKERS AND PERSONALIZED MEDICINE IN PSYCHIATRY”, which received many attention.Yesim_psicopharm_talk

Enjoying Antalya’s weather in mid November was also an attractive side of this conference, many thanks to the organizing committee for all their efforts and and job well done.


all about this blog

this blog is intended to provide  information about METU Bioinformatics Program and current  activities of my research group (http://metu.edu.tr/~yesim/group.htm).

wish I did start this blog earlier, but will keep this page up to date as much as I can from now on.

I hope to add a synopsis of earlier accomplishments later when I have few extra minutes .