Computational imaging is a rapidly evolving interdisciplinary field awarded of many Nobel prizes. In computational imaging, digital processing is employed in conjunction with a physical system (such as an optical system, antenna, etc.) to form images. Driven by advances in signal processing techniques and faster computing platforms, this approach continuously yields the development of next-generation imaging systems in consumer electronics, defense industry, space physics, bioimaging and medicine. Such imaging systems enable new forms of visual information, new imaging functionalities, reduced hardware complexity or higher resolution, that would be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve using traditional imaging.

My research spans the areas of computational imaging and inverse problems, statistical signal and image processing, and optical information processing. My main research interests are the development of novel sensing and imaging systems for emerging applications, as well as the solution of associated inverse problems for signal and image reconstruction, and the characterization of the capabilities brought by these cyber-physical systems.

Below is a list of projects I have been involved with.

  • PI, Development of Deep Learning-based Approaches for Solving Inverse Problems in Imaging and Comparative Performance Evaluation, TUBITAK (1001), 2021-2024
  • PI, Compressive Spectral Imaging with Photon-Sieves: Models, Algorithms, and Experimental Implementation, TUBITAK (3501),  2018-2021
  • Consultant, IMECE Satellite Project, TUBITAK UZAY, 2018
  • Coordinator/Consultant, Graph-based Transfer Learning for Low-dimensional Datasets, TUBITAK (2232), 2017-2018
  • Consultant, IMECE Satellite Infrastructure Development Project, TUBITAK UZAY,   2017
  • Consultant, IMECE Satellite Infrastructure Development Project, TUBITAK UZAY,   2016
  • Consultant, Ultra-Wideband 3-Dimensional Imaging Radar for Security, ASELSAN,    2015-2017
  • PI, Phase-space based techniques for optimal optics design and sampling, METU,     2015-2017
  • Consultant, CAFRAD-Multifunction Phased Array Radar System- Phase 1, ASELSAN,   2015-2018
  • Visiting Research Associate, Milli-Arcsecond Diffractive Imaging of the Solar Corona, NASA GSFC, 2014
  • Research Fellow, Slitless Solar Spectroscopy: Parametric Inversion Approach, NASA Headquarters,  2012-2014