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Lake Paradise on former coal site

For Germany and other countries that have engaged in lignite mining, Lusatia in Germany is an example of successful reclamation that transformed it an industrial economy into a service economy. Please click here for further information.

International Clean Coal Summit

The members of The Coal Producer Association will have the opportunity to meet suppliers and have B2B meetings at the International Clean Coal Summit, March 22-23. Click here for further information.


The Middle East Technical University is waiting for its young entrepreneurs to design, test, and convert their ideas into business. Click here for more information.

Two billion year old water discovered in underground mine

Researchers discovered two billion year old water at Kidd Creek Mine in Ontario. Click here for the details.  

Change of Safety Culture

A former employee of Sandvik visited his workplace 40 years of his retirement and gave insight to the safety measures of the past.

Is break-even broken ?

Cut-off grades and break-even points are concepts that will be discussed forever in the mining community. Click here to read an informative article published in the AusIMM Bulletin*               *Poniewierski, J, (2016), “Break-even is broken”, AusIMM Bulletin

Relocating a city for mining

The city Kiruna is located at the far north of Sweden and is moved for mining purposes. Is this the “perfect” relationship between mining and the society ?      

Is the mining boom over for coal ?

Coal giants, such as Peabody, Arch Coal, and Alpha Natural Resources are at a position where they consider filing for bankruptcy. Click here for more information.

Getting closer to asteroid mining

Autonomous satellites are tested for communication and positioning in space which might be the first steps towards asteroid mining. Click the image for the full article.