Leadership and Teamwork

I couldn’t particapate in the concert of Bilkent Symphony Orchestra.However;to better understand it,I watched the video via youtube.If someone asked me what orchestra is,I would certainly explain it union of differences in music,because an orchestra composes of percussion,string, brass and woodwind sections.To direct this orchestra, a conductor is needed as a leader,because only leader can provide cohesion between different parts.

Leader is the most important person in a group.These may be an orchestra or a sport team.In both of them the leader,chief,orient the development of group.Let’s think about an orchestra;the conductor has much more knowledge about tunes of instruments.He can detect the tune of any instruments while lots of them play at same time.With regard of this knowledge,he prepares his group for concert.He is interested in all parts of orchestra one by one.Then,he provides cohesion of tunes in the performances.He makes repeticion much more times to take good quality work.This is like bussiness life.Think about ceo of any company.The ceo is the leader of the company.Therefore,he directs all works.If he is a well-skilled leader,he can ensure the coordination with other parts of company such as research group,human resources etc.Thus,he provides
well-done teamwork.Therefore,the company is managed much better than others.When the companies in the past are viewed ,it is seen that better company is directed better leader;however the best ones were managed with better leader with well team cordination.Therefore,the manager of the company is the seen part of the best company,others are parts of team.However,unity of all of them ensure the best company.It is same in the orchestra.In the concert,the audience applaude the conductor,because they have eye-contact with only conductor;however,the applause is the product of good teamwork.
A talented conductor should have eye-contact with the audience,because he can take the attetion of the audience and lead them to concantrate on the performance while directing the orchestra.Thus,all parts of puzzles are completed in music.This is nearly same in bussiness.A skilled manager should communicate with all customers and confreres,because his communication provides him to take more place in decision of the bussiness and enlargement of his company.
In the secon paragraph I mentioned a conductor can differ tunes of any instruments while all of them play.Therefore,he cn concantrate on one of the enstrument while directing the orchestra.If something is wrong,he can awaken the instrument player with his stick or his gesture.Thus,he ensures unity while most of the audience are not aware of this.In bussiness the manager should be aware of his team.He should focus on his team players and their skills.He should direct his teams with changing the position of unsuccessful player and provide teamwork between the players working in the same department.
As a result, it is seen that a leader can change most of thing positively,but a big leader can change this with team work.The result in Turkish Super League explains summary of my essay.As a Fenerbahce fun ,I confess that although Fenerbahce has better players than Bursaspor,Bursaspor was able to win the leauge cup with his talent technical director Ertugrul Sağlam and teamwork.Therefore,this show big success can not be reached without teamwork.

film criticism

“Modern Times” is the movie filmed in 1936.Charlie Chaplin is the main character of the movie.In the movie ,production techniques ,its effect on human body,economical crisis such as closed factory,its social effect on the society,unemployment and hunger are mentioned.On the other hand,Mercedes documantry informs about the production techniques,its process and distrubution.
To better understand this two films,comparison is the best way.First of all these movies can be compared with respect to production techniques. In “Modern Times”, production is made by human force.In the process of the production ,human workforce is provided;therefore,itis detected that workers behave as a machinery.In the movie,Charlie Chaplin’s behavior at lunch time shows that as people doing the same thing as a machinery,their motion becomes automatical.Similarly,as they stop for a moment, they expend much more energy to catch the process. On the other hand, In Mercedes documantry,due to the advance of technology,electronic programmable machines are used by qualified workers. However, because of machines replacemant’s instead of human,they causes the decrease in the need of human workforce. Hence,it increases the unemployed people;on the other hand ,technological advance provides more area on the factory;therefore it increases the employed people.Thus employment is balanced.Secondly,as two movies are examined carefully,it is seen that there is a huge difference in the size of the machines.The reason of this is simple: technology. Technological development generally decreases the size of machines.
Another message of the movie “Modern Times” is how the economical crisis affects on the society.In the movie, after closing down factories,it causes the social problem.As I see in the movie it unfortunately increases the number of the crimes because if people cannot find Money by working, to meet their needs they unfortunately apply to steal as the girl in the movie.Similarly,if the girl had worked,she could able to look for their siblings.
As seen above ,working is not only economical effect,it influences all parts of the life.

Murat Altun-1621671


As “Terminal” is gone to meet or send anyone,if it is observed carefully,lots of interesting things are seen.Every parts of the life are acted at Terminal.Both emotional (spiritual) parts of life and economic and bussines (real life) parts of life can be seen.
Emotional parts are the first part of life in “Terminal”.Whenever autobus is waited,children trying to attract faraway-eyed people make them regenerate by seeing the smile on their eyes.Similarly, sincerity in conversation with people meeting beside the autobus is the another color of “Terminal” life. In another point of view,”Terminal” is the place where cohesion and leaving occur together.On the one hand “difficulty of lovers’ leaving “ like two sides of magnetism ,on the other hand leaving parents result in the same thing: ”tears”.It is so interesting that cohesion is also resulted in “tears”.Therefore,if Terminal needs any symbol,tear is the best.
Second part is concrete part of life,real life like economic and bussiness life. When there is a survey about economical life ,sideboard is the most attractive place ,because price of anything is much more higher than it is in Ankara.However,”Terminal” is the last station for travelers,so they have nearly no effect on the price.Hence, sellers decide the price,then it is so high.The bookstore in the middle part of “ Terminal” is the most effective place for trade, because the traveler ,especially going to remote cities,needs something to use time efficiently,so are there any better alternatives than book?In alternative perspection to economic life,bussiness , ticket sellers trying to sell tickets by clarfying “Abi , Adana mı,yardımcı olalım.” in the entrance of “Terminal” are the enterpreneur of “Terminal” bussiness life.The last point is about unfairness of income in ” Terminal”,while the workers work much more than beggers,the beggers collect much and much more money.
In conclusion, ”Terminal “ is mini life of real one.