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Here are the links for the weekly Problem Journal and TED talks assignments.

Problem Journals

TED talks


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Due to problems at I am providing the HW info and upload links here:

  • An Elevator Pitch is a short (45-60 second) summary about something (project, person, product, company,…) aimed at providing an overview of and raising interest in the subject.
  • In our case, you are introducing yourself to an important individual you would like to work with.
  • You must make your pitch in English!
  • You will record and upload your pitch to the web.

Enter the links in the following forms:

BA1101 and BAS111 Elevator Pitch due 17/10 at 17:00

BA4137 Elevator Pitch due 16/10 at 17:00

Also, for BA4137

Trep Topic Video        choose topic by 16/10, submit by 20/11 at 17:00

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