We welcome to all interdisciplinary and faculty members from all mathematical sciences, statistics, computer science, engineering, economics, physics and other sciences as a METU SIAM Student Chapter Member.  We encourage joining METU-SIAM Student Chapter.  If you are a SIAM member, you can join METU SIAM Student chapter by filling member registration form of Office of Cultural Affairs of METU .  If you are not a member of SIAM, first become a member of SIAM from this link ( ), then register to Office of Cultural Affairs of METU.

Student members of SIAM student chapters are eligible for free SIAM student memberships.  As SIAM members, students are eligible for a 30% discount on SIAM books; receive free subscriptions to SIAM NewsSIAM Review, and Unwrapped; and have access to career information as well as cutting-edge research. Moreover, members can apply for SIAM Student Travel Awards to attend SIAM conferences

You can visit our website  or mail us

You can also follow us from our Facebook group.