Publications In Process

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Joint publications

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Articles in Conference Proceedings

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Articles Published in Journals

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Papers or Workshops at Professional Conferences

  1. Crossing the Digital Divide:  In-service Teacher Training in Computers and Teacher Development at the School of Foreign Languages.  Paper presented jointly with Nalan Guder-Baig and Eren Kufi at the Faculty of Education Conference.  Eastern Mediterranean University, May 2002
  2. Hypertextbooking.  Workshop given jointly with Feryal Varanoglulari at the 3rd International ELT Conference. Eastern Mediterranean University, February 2001.
  3. WebQuests:  The Holy Grail of EFL Internet Activities.  Workshop given at the 2nd International ELT Conference. Eastern Mediterranean University, February 2000.
  4. Systems development: recent trends in small museums. Paper presented at the Museum Documentation Association (MDA) 3rd International Conference. York University, England, September 1989.
  5. Co-presented a paper at the 1983 ICOM conference in London, on computerizing the accounts of an eighteenth century ledger from Whitefriars Glassworks, London.

Research Grants / Awards

  1. Co-investigator (jointly with John Eldridge and Nilgun Hancioğlu) with the principle investigator, Dr. Yongyan Li, Hong Kong University, under an FTFD-funded research grant to create a corpus-informed pedagogy to help post-graduate students in Education improve their skills in citing sources in research articles.
  2. Member of the Lexitronics group, nominated for the 2010 ELTons Innovation Awards in the International category for Ways with Words, including Write Like and Academic and LexiCLIL.
  3. Member of the Lexitronics group, nominated for the 2009 ELTons Innovation Awards in the International category for research into lexis, vocabulary profiling and the nature of lexico-grammar in teaching writing..
  4. Developed student-centered vocabulary language learning tools in Hypercard for EFL students at Anadolu University in Turkey, which were awarded the 1994 European Academic Software Award for languages, Heidelberg, Germany.

Contributions to Textbooks/Courses

  1. Developed and ran blended courses in the ELT Department, Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus for EFL252: Intorduction to Methodology, CTE319: Instructional Technology and Materials Development, and EFL413: Language Assessment and Testing.  See
  2. Materials writer for  a blended learning teacher development course, under contract to theconsultants-e for the Laureate Group.
  3. Primary member of the working group (core members included John Eldridge and Esen Uygaroglu).  The working group spear-headed the developed the textbook and companion web site for  Communication Skills (Technical Report Writing) from 2002 to 2003 as part of the MLD Curriculum Development Project. This textbook is currently being used in both the Engineering Faculty and the School of Computing and Technology.  I was the main contributor for ‘Using tables and figures’ and APA report template, assisted in proof-reading and moderation of other units.  Developed the companion web site and EAGLE tasks, as well as initial proof-reading and publishing teaching notes online in the CDP website.