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An introduction to vocabulary profiling

Tom Cobb’s Compleat Lexical Tutor site has got a wide range of tools that are indespensible aides to teaching. It has most everything you’ll need when it comes to data driven learning.

  1. The BNL2709 vocabulary profiler is a great tool to use in conjunction with the BNL2709 book.
  2. The Colour of Words blog has a series of short ’slidecasts’ that provide more information about vocabulary development using wordlists and vocabulary profiling.

The first tool to get to know is vocabulary profiling–how to look at the black and white world of words through a prism and see the colour of words according to the frequency of use.

  1. Here is a short video on vocabulary profiling…it will open in a new window.
    It is about 2MB to download and lasts aout two and half minutes. You can stop, rewind and fast forward while you try out the techniques for yourself.