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Spring 2019 COURSES

BA 4521/5521 Applied Business Statistics ——- SYLLABUS 

This is a course on applied statistics. The course will start with a review of univariate descriptive and inferential statistics to introduce the statistical software package SPSS. The first part of the course will cover selected predictive methods such as simple linear regression, multiple regression, and nonlinear regression. The second part will introduce multivariate methods for data classification and data reduction: cluster analysis, discriminant analysis, principal components, and exploratory factor analysis. The methods will be explained using applied cases. Students will be required to use SPSS for their assignments and final projects based on examples covered in class. Prequisites: Business Statistics or equivalent.


BA 4826/5826 Industrial Organization ——- SYLLABUS 

The objective of this course is to enable students to understand the strategic competition between firms in imperfectly competitive markets such as predatory pricing, collusion, price discrimination, reputation etc. The course addresses the structure-conduct-performance framework, barriers to entry and/or exit, the game theoretical approach for strategic interactions between economic players, and the sources and consequences of market power. The course covers different models of strategic competition between firms in markets with different structures. Prerequisites: Principles of microeconomics or equivalent.