‘Be not ashamed of MISTAKES thus make them crimes’ Confucius


Here are your mistakes
1. Mixed sex school are better than single sex school.
2. It is formed discussion environment.
3. Mixed-sex school students more successful than single-sex schools.
4. Man and woman should educate in the same place.
5. Girls should teach boys features.
6. Mixed-sex schools enable to be polite.
7. Students may gain different a lot of thing.
8. Their succeeds in this communication depends on their schools.
9. It is benefit from our future life communication.
10. Single-sex schools is much better than mixed-sex schools.
11. I want to explain that it is me.
12. All girl and all boy same school are better than different school.
13. Boy can understand better than girls.
14. Girls much work than boys.
15. Man’s best friend man, but girl’s best friend girl.
16. They get highly marks.
17. For single-sex school more success than mixed-sex school.
18. I’ll explain with example.
19. If I were adolescense and my marks were bad, my father sent me to single-sex school, I got good marks.
20. Girls and boys studying skills different
21. If they educate in the same place, they have each other.
22. If he went to single-sex school, his math note increse.
23. Different ideas are find solutions easily.
24. What have changed?
25. Is it natural single-sex school?
26. Mans learn better than womans.
27. She is your not friend.
28. We have to live each otehr but we don’t have to study each other.
29. We doesn’t say different.
30. It’s not necessary mixed-school.

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Monday’s debate

Hello again,

here are your mistakes from the debate:

1. If you travel those place, you saw them
2. travel knows more
3. they remember all of the they have seen
4. you can be open mind
5. I want talk about travellers advantages
6. travellers learning by seen
7. travel is more enjoyable than read.
8. people don’t forget their seens
9. you can take experience
10. In real, it’s not interesting for us
11. human life depend on experience
12. travellers are more know than readers
13. you can’t learn very much about something
14. While I went to there, I learned a lot
15. Thanks everyone for listen us
16. you can search that things in books
17. Reading is more easier than travelling
18. reading is not taking too much time
19. You must go china
20. You can learn from history source
21. It’s important for learning new informations
22. People have exact life period
23. If you want to go someplace, you can go there
24. Travellers can see all of the world
25. There are so many knowledges in the books.
26. reading easier than travelling
27. travellers knows much.

Free Rice Challenge: METU vs EMU

Hello everyone!

There is a free rice campaign online. You take the quiz and feed a child. the quiz is about vocabulary. In this competition, we are competing against EMU students! This is a very good way of learning new vocabulary while revising the old ones. here is the link for you


Follow the link, create an account and start playing!

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what is the news?

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what is the most important news of the week? let’s find it out! Copy the link of the news (English) that you think is the most important and we can discuss it on the blog!

Let’s see whose news will be the winner!

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