UCL is one of the world’s leading institutions in research (with 30+ Nobel research prizes), and my tenure there provided me the chance to meet and work with knowledgeable and highly respected researchers, some of them being among the most well-known researchers in the field. As a researcher at UCL, I worked on improving the mechanical properties of compacted clay from the Lambeth group using fibre reinforcement. The expenses of my PhD studies (tuition fees, living expenses, accommodation, and so on) as well as the project costs were funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). This project was also sponsored by Mouchel, a leading company in the United Kingdom, and the Highways Agency. I built strong links with Mouchel and the Highways Agency during my doctorate, which enabled me to propose further research studies and create new opportunities for myself and the institutions I worked for.

As an assistant professor at EUL, I have supervised numerous graduation projects and aided three MSc students in graduating. As an experimental soil mechanics researcher, I spent significant time in the laboratories, during which I designed, manufactured, and assembled numerous different equipment. In addition, I worked on the modification of various equipment to fit them to sophisticated testing schemas.

Starting with my PhD studies, I have shaped my research track in the areas of Critical State soil mechanics, ground improvement, and monitoring, and I have tried to establish interconnects between all three areas of research. My main research area was Critical State soil mechanics, where I worked on investigating the mechanical behaviour of reconstituted, reinforced, and unreinforced peds and clays in the context of the Critical State framework. Further, I investigated the effects of newly proposed specimen preparation methods and their relationship with the discontinuities found in stiff fissured clay. Within the same framework, during my studies at UCL, I was a part of a research group that studied the behaviour of a well-graded granular soil (used as the base and sub-base for roads) by performing triaxial tests on cemented and uncemented samples. Recently, during my appointment at EUL, I researched the influence of the initial void ratio on the Critical State behaviour of poorly graded fine sands in Cyprus.

The second field of research I have worked on, which evolved alongside my work on Critical State soil mechanics, is stabilised marine deposited clays. I assessed the performance of marine clay treated with a binder that incorporates Portland cement, hydrated lime, and copper slag. Further, in a parallel study, I studied the strength and microstructural properties of marine clay-cement mixes. For this study, I used two extreme preparation methods to understand which sample preparation technique better mimics the in-situ behaviour of marine clay-cement mixes, and I used the results to propose a solution that is both environment friendly and cost effective. Further, a recent study tested the implementation of the proposed method I developed on site, and a new publication is in production.

The third area of my research is on the use of close-range photogrammetry to quantify deformations on geotechnical assets. I have worked on the development of guidelines to use aerial photogrammetry tools for determining small displacements on geotechnical structures. In numerous cases, conventional surveying tools have been used to confirm deformations that were observed based on the guidelines. Further, the same techniques have been adapted in laboratories to calculate volumetric shrinkages of marine clays that have been stabilised with additives.

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Other Publications
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Scientific Research Projects and Other Scientific Activities
Ekinci, A. Ferreira P. M. V (2009) ‘Improvement of the mechanical properties of compacted clay
from the Lambeth group using fibre reinforcement, University College London (national project jointly funded by EPSRC, Mouchel and Highways Agency Funding: £ 400,000.

Ekinci, A. (2020) Polypropylene plastik atık kullanılarak iyileştirilmiş kilin mekanikse özellikleri. The mechanical behaviour of polypropylene plastic waste stabilised clays, Office of Research Coordination and Support, Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Scientific Research Project Code FEN-20-YG-4.