We are happy to share our recent article “A Review of the Research on Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge: The Case of Turkey” published at the Hacettepe University Journal of Education. The article that I co-authored with Dr. Sedef Canbazoglu Bilici reviews the TPACK research in Turkey and present recommendations for future work. We hope that the article will be a helpful resource for TPACK researchers in Turkey. Extended abstract in English is available.

Baran, E., & Canbazoğlu Bilici S. (2015). Teknolojik Pedagojik Alan Bilgisi (TPAB) Üzerine Alanyazın İncelemesi: Türkiye Örneği. [in Turkish]. Hacettepe Universitesi Eğitim Fakültesi ergisi [Hacettepe University Journal of Education], 30(1), 15-32.

Abstract: Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework has played an important role in rethinking current teacher education and technology practices both in Turkey and around the world. Due to the recent increase in the number of research studies conducted on TPACK in Turkey, there has been an emerging need to investigate the research on TPACK to evaluate the current literature as well as to guide future research studies. To help better inform teacher educators and researchers, the authors embarked upon a systematic review of 30 research articles published between January 2005 and December 2013 and that investigated the TPACK framework in Turkey’s teacher education contexts. To understand the research trends in the literature the research articles’ contexts, subjects, TPACK approaches, research methods, participants, TPACK based activities, data collection tools, data analysis methods, validity and reliability studies, and main results were analyzed. The results of the study revealed that; surveys were the main data sources used in TPACK research in Turkey, preservice teachers were the most common participant groups, and science and math disciplines were the most common subject domains investigated. The study provides recommendations and research directions to teacher educators and researchers for improving teachers’ effective technology integration knowledge and practices in teacher education programs


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