It is that time of the year again. PISA 2012 results were just announced. Asian countries (Shanghai-China, Singapore, Hong Kong-China, Chinese Tai Pei) continue to climb up on the list-no surprise on that. Previous PISA’s star Finland is still doing ok, as well as another one, Canada. US score on Mathematics is lover than the OECD average, and for science and literacy stays at the average level. (See AERA’s commentary on the results). According to the commentary, teacher quality seems like one of the biggest contributing factors to students’ success-again no surprise on that. What is surprising is that it is considered as one of the least important factor when it comes to countries’ educational policies, as in the case of Turkey. Turkey is scoring towards the lower end, though there is an increase in Math and educational equality score. The result naturally should alert the country. However, just like the previous one, there doesn’t seem much serious conversation and tension around it. Investments on technology continue, being one of the most bragging points of the Ministry of Education. It is obvious that technology-no matter how innovative it is-won’t help educational progress, unless it is considered as a critical element of a much bigger reform on education. Particularly, what needs to be prioritised is a well thought research based reform on teacher education system. Isn’t it time to listen educational researchers and teacher educators? If not, I’m afraid it will be too late pretty soon.

See full OECD report on PISA 2012 results:

Overall snapshot:

Asian countries top OECD's PISA survey of global education

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