This year, a new team was elected to serve as the officers of the Computer and Internet Applications in Education SIG. I will be serving as the chair this year, and as the program chair next year. We are excited to take this opportunity to continue contributing to the AERA and the education research in our field. I’d like to share the welcome message that we sent out to the SIG listserv. Please consider joining us at AERA 2013 by submitting a proposal to the SIG and becoming a member through AERA. Here is the message:

Computer and Internet Applications in Education (CIAE) SIG Welcome Message

Dear Computer and Internet Applications in Education (CIAE) SIG members and colleagues,

We would like to use this opportunity to introduce new SIG officers and invite all of you to consider joining us at the 2013 AERA Annual Meeting which will be held in San Francisco on April 27-May 1, 2013. We’d like to thank to the previous members of the SIG executive committee (Dr. George Veletsianos, Dr. Charles Miller, and Dr. Cassie Scharber) for their valuable effort in advancing the SIG and organizing the sessions and activities in AERA 2012. New SIG officers elected to serve are: Dr. Evrim Baran (chair), Dr. Amy Pittenger (program chair), and Dr. Zeni Colorado (treasurer). We are now working on to organize the SIG sessions and activities for the AERA 2013 conference. We’d like to thank to all of our reviewers who volunteered to help us during the reviewing process.

The purpose of the SIG CIAE is to promote research, teaching, and service on the design, evaluation and critical use of computer and Internet applications in education. We strive to be a dynamic group considering the nature of dynamic and ever–changing landscape of educational environments with computer and Internet applications. We are excited to see the potentials of computer and Internet applications in the way we reconsider our current educational practices and design innovative and critical solutions for learners, teachers, and practitioners in educational settings. Our SIG scope, vision and membership profiles reflect the interest and scholarship in the following themes:

o   Evolving contexts in educational technology: Design, integration, and evaluation of educational technology
o   The future of hybrid and online education (eg. extreme, adventure, scenario, and game-based learning)
o   Affordances of emerging technologies and approaches for the design and evaluation of learning spaces (eg. information visualization tools, online collaborative learning technologies, mobile platforms, learning analytics, cloud computing, usability tools)
o   Technology leadership for successful technology integration in education: In-depth studies throughout the world
o   Contemporary Issues in computers and Internet applications in education (e. digital literacy, media literacy, privacy, security)

Our membership also have expertise in wide range of research methodologies such as design-based research, case study, experimental design, mixed methods, action research, ethnography, survey, content analysis, to name a few. We hope to advance the research and scholarly conversation in CIAE with your contribution and presence in our SIG. Please consider submitting a proposal to the SIG and joining as at our Facebook group ( for engaging in conversation with the SIG members or for more information on how to actively participate to the activities. Please feel free to distribute this information to those who would be interested in joining to the SIG.

One last reminder is about the AERA 2013 Annual Meeting submissions. Please remember that this year proposals should be submitted by July 23, 2012, at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. More information on submission can be found here.

Feel free to contact me, or any member of the SIG executive committee, if you have questions.

I look forward to welcoming you to the AERA community. Thank you for your support of AERA CIAE special interest group and education research.

Have a great summer!!!


Evrim Baran, Ph.D.

Chair, AERA Computer and Internet Applications in Education SIG
Assistant Professor of Educational Sciences
Middle East Technical University, TURKEY

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