Hello, my name is Batin Kurt. I am a Sophomore EE student at Middle East Technical University, Product Marketing Team Member at, and lastly, Electronics/Software Team Member at You can reach my CV from the top menu.

I am planning on working in the field of control systems in robotics. I am eager to conduct research both as an individual and a team member by ensuring positive and high-level interaction with the team members and putting much effort into finishing the assigned task on time. I am very enthusiastic about improving my knowledge and technical skills to solve some given problems.

My strong suits are Python development and control theory in robotics. Over the next few years, I intend to develop as a control systems engineer and a software developer. For that, I have learned modern control theory, modern C++, front-end technologies, and even product management as well.

Posted by batin kurt on 03.09.2021 under Personal Info

Batın Kurt