Final Mock-ups








All of them in order

I changed my dough type, tried to increase heights from pawn to king and combine two materials which are cloud dough and cardboard.

New Mock-Ups

I am still trying to combine cardboard and dough.

Mock-ups – Exploring Materials

I tried to combine cardboard and dough again but this time, I use dough as a base element because it was hard to make dough remain in the shape I give. Firstly, I cut dough with the cardboard, then added the cardboard.

Mock-up – Exploring Materials

The first three are pawn forms, others in order, rook, knight and bishop.

After the last critics, I tried to combine 2 opposite materials. Actually, I liked de contrast that the materials give, but I am not sure about the forms – dough was hard to shape. It could not protect the form I gave, it was sinking. I had to take photos very immediately to show the forms, they are not like above now…

Continuing Form Explorations

I search for more forms according to the critics I got. Although I could not emphasize, I tried to create a hierarchy between the chessmen by adding more edges for the left ones or making more curves for the right ones. I tried to ignore the capability of materials and make more forms like very organic and sharp ones above. I will decide which forms I am going to continue with, then I will decide which material suits best for them. I should also do some mock-ups to see how they look.

Form Explorations for D.I.Y Chess Set Project


Since it is a “do it yourself” project, I tried to make basic forms by keeping the body in the same form and making differences in top of chessmen.
I could not decide the material I am going to use. I will improve the forms with the critics I will get and decide the material.