Minor Changes in Mock-ups

After the critics I got last week, I wanted to make some changes in their size, but since it was a bit difficult to keep the dough standing and even trying to dry it while standing, there was a little shrinkage in their size.


King    Queen  Bishop   Knight    Rook     Pawn


King    Queen  Bishop   Knight    Rook     Pawn


King    Queen  Bishop   Knight    Rook     Pawn

Last week’s mock-ups

Different mock-ups with different materials

 After my feedback, I wanted to do mock-ups  with two drawings I drew for Tuesday. I made one of these from salt dough and the other from soap.

At first I made the second drawing from dough

In fact, my idea was to increase the number of layers from pawn to king. I tried this, but I gave up because it was thicker than I expected.Like this;

Then I tried my first drawing by carving the soap, but it was not exactly the same as the drawing because I changed my mind while doing it and managed my shapes as I wanted, regardless of my drawing. My main goal was to advance and unite in a certain direction, as will be seen in the first photo, but I encountered minor problems while doing. It seems a bit vague because it is my first experience, but I think I can fix it if I move on.

Mock-up For Four Different Ideas

We are in the second week for the final assignment and I try to draw my own way using different materials as possible. In this post, I created different chess pieces with different materials.

First of all, I wanted to create something out of the buttons. I thought the button sizes went from pawn to king, from small to large.However, Creating something out of buttons somewhat restricted me. Like in these photo ;

I left this idea aside and thought what I would do with other material and created some chess pieces using my brothers’ legos.I created these shapes by making use of the movements of the pieces.

The Pawn

The Rook

The Bishop

The Knight

The Queen

The King

When I realized that I could not create a 32-piece set from the legos, I switched to another material.I had different sizes of straws in my hand and I tried to cut them and create some organic and sharp shapes.

The Pawn

The Rook

The Knight

The Bishop

The Queen

The King

Then I have curved straws in my hand. Maybe I can create more different things using them. I will use salt dough again for Friday.

My last idea is to create a shape by putting the cartons on top of each other

Sketches for another idea


The First Idea For Chess Pieces
In this drawing, I started by thinking that my figures should be the same from above. Then I started adding layers on top of the chess pieces’ movement, but this idea didn’t work very well because the shapes of the movement of some pieces would look the same.To make this idea clearer, I will need to do a few studies on salt dough. As a result of these studies, I believe that my shapes will fit better.

The Second Idea
I started by creating pawns in these drawings. Since the pawn pieces are protective, I wanted to make a small rectangular piece and compare it to something like a helmet. I created other shapes by adding and removing parts. While creating the upper parts of my shapes, I again inspired by the movements of the chess pieces.In order not to create straight shapes, I added dynamism according to the score that some shapes will bring to the player. For example, the queen brings more points than the rook, so I made the ends of the queen face down while the ends of the castle were facing upwards.

I still have difficulties in creating things in my mind and I have difficulty making decisions. So I’m going to do some more drawing or mock-ups. Keep working harder…

Best regards..


Hello dear ;
I am Beste in Basic Design 102. This project is about creating new chess with materials at home. First of all , I started by thinking how I can create chess pieces. 

Chess pieces have their own points. These are the king endless, queen 9, rooks 5, bishops 3, knights 3 and pawns 1. The size of the stones I will design will change according to their scores in the game. For example, the length of the pawn is 1 centimeter and the length of the bishops knights horse will be 3 centimeters because they earn more points than pawn. I will paint my pieces in such a way as to complement each other. Although there are two different groups, they are one. I couldn’t decide the shapes and the patterns on them. And also, thanks to the needles under the chess pieces, the  pieces will sink and the game will not break down and fall on the ground in any impact. I will use salt dough as I think my materials in the house are limited to shape the chess pieces. 

For chess pieces I am searching a lot of websites and photos. For example;


This photo helps me to creat new form but these pieces’ shape look like still own shape.

Another photo like this

I wonder if it was made from cardboard, it helped me think, but my preference is a bit two-dimensional.

However, some photos could change my mind and also they help me to abstract. 

Thanks to these photo, I tried to make shape a bit more abstract. I wanted to prepare the dough and try it out because I thought I couldn’t express myself when drawing in three dimensions.



1 cup of flour. 1 cup of salt  and 1/2 cup of water  are mixed then  kneaded. 

In my first experience, the dough was a little runny. More precisely, it stuck to my hand very much.However, despite this situation, I made a few mock-ups like this. 




Some cracks occurred after drying in my dough. I thought that maybe the reason for these cracks may be because my dough is stuck in my hands at first. Next time i try to keep my dough a little harder.These stones do not form a family. My goal was to see how I could play with the dough and how to face problems.If I can avoid minor cracking, I will continue my homework with salt dough.

For chessboard

I thought of making the chess board from cork. The area of ​​the chessboard will be 30×30, and this area will be divided into 6 equal areas of 15×10.

These pieces will be interlocking, as if they were pieces, and they will form a box where we can hide chess pieces when combined.

  I am still studying on sketching and thinking about new ideas. I will consider everything to reach a good d.i.y chess set.

Best regards…