Month: March 2020





I started the project by drawing basic sketches of the most classical shapes of chess pieces. my intention was to observe the characteristics of chessmen and think about what I should do.

🔽here are my observations;

  • chessman gets taller according to their hierarchical order
  • all of them have very specific features that it is impossible to confuse
  • each player should have a different distinguishable color of pieces

🔽here are my ideas;

  • to emphasize the hierarchical order I can make stronger pieces taller, bigger, more colorful, more complex and more detailed
  • i should make the same pieces ( for example all the pawns) identical or with very small changes
  • i should choose contrasting colors to identify two teams. I am planning purple and yellow weighted teams as they are my favorite pair.

➡ and lastly, i tried to describe the chessman with adjectives so i can use them as a base of my designs