May 3, 2020



  1. sila umulu says:

    Hi Melis,

    Thank you for sharing your progress. I have few things to say.

    First, you should design your lid in a way that it prevents water leakage. In its current state, I am afraid it can not do that. Second, I agree with the idea that the lid causes difficulties in reaching inside of the dishwasher. However, putting the lid inside result in using too much space which will be empty after closing the lid. You may think about other methods to get the lid out of the way. Third, the form of your product should be studied more. It looks like a microwave oven because of its form. Actually, the aim of the black part on the front is not clear. Is it a transparent part like a window to see inside or a screen for the interface? By the way, you should think about where to put the interface. If it is on the lid, it is difficult to reach for the user as they should lean forwards and twist to interact with it. Indeed, if the lid moves inside or outside, placing the screen on the lid may create too much trouble.

  2. Bahar Şener-Pedgley says:

    Hello Melis,

    I hope you’re keeping well. Thank you for the update. Your ‘Next Steps’ list are the right things to concentrate on, and a few additions from me. First, a small advise.. it is dishwasher ‘door’, not ‘lid’, not ‘cover’. Don’t forget to bring solution to sealing – currently, if you close the dishwasher door, water will leak. Cutlery holder: How do you put that part inside? Does it have a rail? Also how do you take it out without dropping the cutlery on it. Interface: it needs to be thought together with the form as they may have an effect on each other. General appearance: I agree that currently it gives the impression of a small /microwave oven – adding small stylistic touches and details would create big differences.

    Until Thursday, kolay gelsin and stay safe!

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