April 26, 2020



  1. owain francis pedgley says:

    Hello Melis

    Hope you are keeping well and safe. Thank you for the Google Drive link in your blog, explaining your post-jury plans for how you will progress by improving Concept B. Your list of points addresses a lot of the problems that were raised in the Pre Jury. You definitely have many aspects that you need to work on, but it seems you are aware of this. Please let’s see your sketch development of how the product will improve and be finalized in each of these areas. I would also like to see your current ideas on materials, material finishing and manufacture. Don’t leave these to the last minute decisions. I would advise to use hand sketching to play with the different design details at this stage, then when you’re happy move to further CAD development. Perhaps you can have some sketches ready for our Zoom meeting, so that we can discuss over them? I’ll be in touch to arrange a date/time (likely to be Thursday morning). Best regards, Owain

  2. Mehmet Erdi Özgürlük says:

    Melis Hi!

    We are looking forward to see your solutions to the concerns you mentioned in the drive link.

    Best wishes..

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