April 5, 2020



  1. owain francis pedgley says:

    Hello Melis. I’ve looked through your blog entries and can provide you with some comments in relation to your progress.

    First off, please write more on your blog. For example, as well as the Google drive links, you can briefly tell what you were trying to achieve as well as your expectations / plans. Please also provide us with your latest project statement, since it is difficult to keep-up with your project otherwise.

    I can’t see any of the previous instructors’ comments – maybe you still have moderation settings active?

    I couldn’t access your latest Google drive link (permission denied).

    Unfortunately from what you have posted I’m unable to make any critique. You have a few initial idea sketches but nothing that I can see towards Concepts A and B for Pre-Jury. Please make sure all your latest progress is accessible on your blog, before the Zoom meeting you will have later in the week.

    If you are experiencing difficulties in progressing with the project or suffering badly because of our switch to distance education, please get in contact with the studio team.

    Best wishes, keep safe… Owain.

  2. Mehmet Erdi Özgürlük says:

    Melis Hi!

    Your blog seems very poor in terms of material and data you uploaded to it 🙁 You can mention what your PS is and how you developed you progress step by step. I am so sorry that I do not understand much from your first post and your second post needs permission by you that’s why I couldn’t open it. For the blog settings you should approve the all previous commnets and from now on, you should uncheck the comment moderation for everyone to see others’ comments. Please try to make necessary changes, and spend much time for upgrading your blog! Good luck!..

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