TULIP Corporation

This page is about EE493-494 capstone experience. Further information about this course sequence can be obtained by clicking here.

TULIP Corporation is founded in 2016 as a capstone company to fulfill the requirements of METU EEE senior year curriculum. Following photo shows an elegant day for the engineers of TULIP, which is not the case in general.

From left to right: Türker Dolapçı, Doğa Çavdır, Oğuzhan Babacan, Faruk Doğancı, Berkay Baykara.

We have built a robot that is capable of carrying a balloon by cooperating with a partner robot. Briefly, the robot on the left side follows a target in front, and the robot on the right follows the robot on the left.  The robot is capable to execute both tasks. Scenario is planned as to rescue a balloon which needs help and the robot is named as “Rescue Robot”.

TULIP Corporation is awarded with “Best Project in Senior Project Fair” title by IEEE METU Student Chapter.

We thank our advisor Lale Alatan for her guidance and nice company.

Some media can be found below:



  • Promotional video prepared by Berkay:


  • A short video prepared by ODTÜ GİSAM during project fair, a huge portion of the video consists of our robot, and also Berkay’s comments:



  • Photo gallery: