I am conducting research in METU Computational Electromagnetics Group (CEMMETU) since 2015.

 I am a member of Turkish Amateur Satellite Technologies Organization (TAMSAT / AMSAT-TR) since 2017. 

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I have added the photos of my published projects, which includes inkjet-printed and textile antennas.

In addition to these projects, I am working with my ham-radio friends at TAMSAT to design CubeSat antennas. My MS thesis title is DESIGN, SIMULATION, AND FABRICATION OF CUBESAT ANTENNA SYSTEMS (expected to be completed in September 2020.).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

  • Inkjet-Printed Log-Periodic Antenna

Conference Article:

  • Textile Bowtie Antenna

Conference Article and Presentation (in Turkish):

  • Genetically Optimized Cage Dipole RFID Tag

Conference Article:


  • On-Board UHF Turnstile Antenna

  • 2×6 Elements Circularly Polarized VHF Yagi Antenna

  • Coaxial VHF Wilkinson Power Divider