About WizIQ.com

wiziqHey Everyone, I want to explain you a useful web site called WizIQ. You can learn anything by enrolling a class, view tutorials and attempt test. On the other hand you can teach to others by preparing a course and upload your content to share them with your students, or you can prepare tests. I use this area for my flash games for kindergarten and primary school students.

You can enroll easily and can give different permission for your content. For example some of your contents may be only for you and some others may be public. However one of the disadvantages of this site is after upload your files you can’t  embed your content into your blogs or web sites. And only enrolled member can see your content. This means all your students must enroll if you would set a test or course for them. It’s easy and free, you can try it.

Have fun

Fulda BOL