My  research targets three main interrelated inquiries in education research: Teacher education, learning technologies and human computer interaction. I received several national and international grants to fund research projects on these subjects.



I am the the faculty leader of the Learning Technologies and Teacher Education (LATTE) research group ( at METU that I founded with my graduate students at METU. For more information about the projects that I carry out with my graduate students, check:

Here is a selection of research projects I carry out with my graduate students and collaborators:

  • Investigating the Design and Implementation of TPACK-Based PD Programs with Dr. Sedef Canbazoglu Bilici

This research, supported by several Turkish Research Council (TUBITAK) training projects, investigates the development and assessment of in-service science teachers’ TPACK.

  • Investigating the impact of Faculty Technology Mentoring on Diffusions of Innovation in Higher Education Institutions with Hatice Çilsalar

This research examines the development of faculty technology integration practices in a faculty mentoring project designed and implemented as part of a graduate course offered at METU. For more information, check

  • Learning by Design: An Integrated Approach for Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Development with Erdem Uygun

The purpose of this research is to investigate the development of technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) as graduate students engaged in learning by design activities. The research implemented learning by design (LBD) module that included TPACK game activities developed specifically to examine students’ TPACK development in the course.

  • Investigating the Learning Progressions of Science Teachers with Canan Mesutoğlu

Learning progressions (LPs) are theoretical models of how learners develop expertise in a domain over extended periods of time. There is currently little research on the ways in which teachers’ knowledge, understandings change over time systematically and in particular, studying a related model of learning progression can bring a different perspective to this research area with probable suggestions for implication as well.

  • Investigating the TPACK Indicators with Video Studies with Ceren Ocak and Melek Dönmez

This research examines the development of video study methodology for investigating TPACK in action.